Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to use V-checker A601 Trip Computer

The smart auto trip Computer is a versatile,all-round customer-facing vehicle information display terminal, by using the smart trip-computer,we can get all kinds of vehicle information,real-time monitor vehicle condition data, and can do timely and effective alarm of the vehicle abnormal condition.The smart auto trip Computer is not just a vehicle information display system but also a very powerful set of fault detection equipment, through a unique fault diagnosis technology to know whether the vehicle is defective, and clarify the fault information in the form of text, users can find fault during the warranty as soon as possible, so that users can make appropriate treatment to protect the interests of the owners.The smart auto trip Computer software supports a variety of Windows CE-based portable navigation device, in usage; you need to install the smart trip computer stents used in conjunction with the smart trip computer. The hardware configuration is as follows:
V-checker A601
Operating system: Windows CE.Net 6.0 or higher
CPU frequency: 600MHz
System Memory: 128M
SD card capacity: 4G
Display: 4.3 inch, 5 inch or 7 inch LCD touch screen
After starting the smart trip computer, it will automatically enter the “MTC” software, the system first display the main menu interface, as shown in the figure below:
Subsequently, the system will automatically start the "Smart Trip-computer” software if it does not start automatically, you can click the "Settings" in the " Path settings" to open the function In the main menu, click "GPS", "Fuel consumption" or "Radar safety warning", it can start the appropriate software respectively. Click the button of the power,smart auto trip computer will automatically shut down.Under the main menu, click "Settings" to enter the system setting interface, as shown below:
"Information": Displays the software version of MTC."Path settings": used to set the path of the"smart trip computer" software, "GPS" software and "Radar safety warning"
software, to make a software boot start automatically, please check the back of the select box for reference "Language”: Select the language of the software."Charging switch":used to open or close the intelligent charging of the smart trip computer.

Monday, January 20, 2014

GM Tech2 User’s Guide

The GM Tech2 User’s Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the GM Tech 2 scan tool.
Everything contained in this manual is based on the latest product information available at the time of
publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form
by any means, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise,
without the prior written permission of GM Service and Parts Operations. This includes all text, tables,
illustrations, and charts.
To obtain assistance with a question or problem concerning the operation of your Techline product and its
attached products, or to arrange for warranty and non-warranty repairs, telephone the GM-Techline
Customer Support Center. To order replacement parts, contact GM Dealer Equipment or your customer
support representative for GM-Techline.
The GM Tech 2 has been designed as a rugged, shop-ready tool by having:
• A sturdy case
• A sealed keypad
• Heavy-duty cables and connectors
You can expect years of trouble-free service if you take reasonable care of the Tech 2 and follow the
maintenance procedures outlined in Section II.
The Tech 2 can be powered from:
• The automobile battery power cable
• The cigarette lighter power cable
• The Tech 2 power supply
• The DLC (Data Link Connector) connection in most vehicles
GM Tech2
The GM Tech2 contains electronic components called PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card Industry
Association) cards, which store diagnostic programs. The Tech 2 can be updated as vehicle models
change by reprogramming the PCMCIA card via the RS-232 connector.
The GM Tech 2 is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship by the manufacturer for 24 months
beginning five days after the date of shipment to your service center.
If your GM Tech2 must be sent in for repair, a replacement will be sent to your dealership prior to the return of
the failed Tech 2. Use the package that the replacement arrives in to return the defective unit. You can
contact Customer Support at 1-800-828-6860 for the exact exchange procedure. If notification of defect is
received during the warranty period, the part listed in figures I-2, I-3, I-4, or I-5 that is defective will be
replaced. You must return the defective unit as directed, or you will be charged for the replacement.
Important: This warranty does not cover any part that has been abused, altered, used for purpose other
than which it was intended, or used in a manner inconsistent with instructions regarding use. This
includes, but is not limited to, removal of any Tech 2 screws
Get more detail,please read the pdf,click here:Tech 2 Use's Guide,i just copy some of it.thank you!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GNA600 2012 Newest Version V2.027 Diagnostic Interface

To get quality Diagnostic Tools / Equipment,Find great deals on obd2works for Honda GNA600 in Diagnostic Tools.this tool sold in our shop only $459.99. it is very cheap and supports Honda until 2015 year!
GNA 600 interface module kit works with the OEM-Honda Diagnostic PC Software (HDS). This is the replacement for the previous dealer tool Honda HIM. It can diagnose all H-onda and Acura vehicle systems on models from 1992 to present year.
English,Chinese,Chinese (Taiwan),Spanish,French (Standard)
English,Chinese,Chinese (Taiwan),Spanish,French (Standard)
English,Chinese,Chinese (Taiwan),Spanish,French (Standard)
English,Chinese,Chinese (Taiwan),Spanish,French (Standard)Indonesian,Korean,Portuguese (standard),Thai,Turkish,Vietnamese
What is the highlights of GNA600 2012 version?
1. GNA600 supports H-onda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel vehicles
2. GNA600 use USB 2.0 communication
3. GNA600 can change the VIN code of CANBUS cars.
4. GNA600 can program the smart key without the programming password
5. GNA600 supports all Acura
6. GNA600 cancel all passwords
7. GNA600 supports odometer rewrite via OBD-16 (Condition: the vehicle with Body-Electric)
8. Currently GNA600 doesn't support ECU tuning.
GNA 600 Specification:
GNA600 comes with the latest software to access immobilizer, reprogram key and
install new or used PCM's functions. Full access to all systems using the only
guaranteed accurate data available. This kit will also give you access to the latest
reflash software for PCM updates. This software also includes a scan tool with
OBD2 access to all other cars 1996 on.
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Wholesale car key chip from china

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TI COPY 4D Chips
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ID48 Chip Ceramic
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ID44 chips for china Jetta 3000
ID44 chips for china Jetta 3000
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Honda 8E Glass Chip
Honda 8E Glass Chip
To buy Honda 8E Glass Chip
Online Shopping for Cheap Car Key Chip, The function of the car key chip is to disarm a vehicle immobiliser .According to the appearance,it was classified into transponder chip, glass Chip, duplicate chip and so on

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN OBD-II Scan Tool, Easy, Portable, Economic!

The MaxiScan MS300 CAN OBD-II Code Reader is an easy, portable and economic way to check Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) for OBD-II compliant vehicles, the best auto enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers can hook-up with.
OBD-II is the second generation of onboard diagnostics and has been a mandatory requirement for all vehicles sold in the US since 1996, both domestic and imports.
The MS300 supports all current OBD-II protocols - communications between your car's components and systems - including the newly released Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol. Simply plug it in via its standard 16-pin OBD-II connector at the first sign of trouble and start diagnosing, regardless of your post-1996 car's make or model.
Easy, Portable, Economic
Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN OBD-II Scan Tool
The MaxiScan code reader supports all OBD2 protocols, including the newly released Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol. Though it is small, it is able to retrieve same information as large expensive scanners. This code reader reviews the emission readiness status of OBD monitors and determines the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status as well as turns off check engine light. It comes with free CD software with over 7000 DTC definitions and is powered via detachable OBD2 cable.
Included ia CD containing 7,000 DTC definitions allows you to troubleshoot a wide variety of generic, manufacturer-specific and pending trouble codes, and drawing power from your car's own electrical system the unit does not require batteries or an AC adapter. Simply plug it in via its standard 16-pin OBD-II connector at the first sign of trouble and start diagnosing, regardless of your post-1996 car's make or model.
Retrieves generic and manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), includes definitions lookup software on CD and displays DTC definitions on screen
Features an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, multilingual menu and DTC definitions and standard 16-pin OBD-II connector; no additional cables are needed
Retrieves VIN (Vehicle Identification No) on 2002 and newer vehicles that support Mode 9; powered by cars electrical system, so no batteries required