Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to use V-checker A601 Trip Computer

The smart auto trip Computer is a versatile,all-round customer-facing vehicle information display terminal, by using the smart trip-computer,we can get all kinds of vehicle information,real-time monitor vehicle condition data, and can do timely and effective alarm of the vehicle abnormal condition.The smart auto trip Computer is not just a vehicle information display system but also a very powerful set of fault detection equipment, through a unique fault diagnosis technology to know whether the vehicle is defective, and clarify the fault information in the form of text, users can find fault during the warranty as soon as possible, so that users can make appropriate treatment to protect the interests of the owners.The smart auto trip Computer software supports a variety of Windows CE-based portable navigation device, in usage; you need to install the smart trip computer stents used in conjunction with the smart trip computer. The hardware configuration is as follows:
V-checker A601
Operating system: Windows CE.Net 6.0 or higher
CPU frequency: 600MHz
System Memory: 128M
SD card capacity: 4G
Display: 4.3 inch, 5 inch or 7 inch LCD touch screen
After starting the smart trip computer, it will automatically enter the “MTC” software, the system first display the main menu interface, as shown in the figure below:
Subsequently, the system will automatically start the "Smart Trip-computer” software if it does not start automatically, you can click the "Settings" in the " Path settings" to open the function In the main menu, click "GPS", "Fuel consumption" or "Radar safety warning", it can start the appropriate software respectively. Click the button of the power,smart auto trip computer will automatically shut down.Under the main menu, click "Settings" to enter the system setting interface, as shown below:
"Information": Displays the software version of MTC."Path settings": used to set the path of the"smart trip computer" software, "GPS" software and "Radar safety warning"
software, to make a software boot start automatically, please check the back of the select box for reference "Language”: Select the language of the software."Charging switch":used to open or close the intelligent charging of the smart trip computer.

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