Thursday, February 27, 2014

Digiprog III Odometer Programmer With Full Software New Release

Digiprog III Odometer Programmer is the well-knowen worldwide leader in the production and marketing of digital speedo programming and correction software.With the use of the Digiprog III, the odometer adjustment is a breeze. Intelligent accessories and extensive manuals are enclosed.
We are professional in the field of digital vehicle engineering ,and we focus on advancing the quality of our products all the time,now we have the new version V4.85 digiprog 3 ,this new version add more car models on the basic of V4.82.
pigiprog IIIpigiprog III
pigiprog IIIpigiprog III
Here are some details about Digiprog III Odometer Programmer V4.85. 
V4.85 supports following languages:Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Portuguese, Italiano, Turkish, Nederlands.
Besides,V4.85 Version Newly Added Vehicles:BMW:F20/F30;Citroen: C3/DS3 new versions; Dodge: Charger 24C16;VW: Diag new version;Fiat:Fiorino 95080/ECU95320;Ducato/Punto 95160; Landrover:Evoque 93C76;Mazda:3 C66;Mercedes:Crafter/Sprinter EZS new versions; Mitsubishi:Lancer new version; Nissan:Qashqai 2011 HCS12;370Z C86;Renault: Scenic 24c16+ABS.
Related PDF:Digprog 3 Obd Car List V4.82.pdf
Also,service interval adjustments and settings,assyst processing,fault memory read-erase,EEPROM programmer and Integrated PC communication are all the features of the new version V4.85.It deserves you to own one.
Here I want to give you some important tips for using Digiprog 3:
1.Always connect the Eeprom to the ST01 or ST04 before you connect to the DigiProg this will avoid Electro static feedback (ESD).
2.Never solder the connections whilst the lead is connected to the programmer, this will damage the DigiProg.
3.Always keep your Digiprog in its case when not in Use & keep it in a dry environment at night (don’t leave it in the trunk of your car) If you are using solvents to remove lacquers’ from Eeprom’s ,pls ensure that they are cleaned completely as the solvent can damage the clips.
If you want to know more details about the new version ,pls read our related PDF: Digiprog 3 Introduction.pdf

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Monday, February 24, 2014

How to install Multi Diag Access J2534

Multi Di@g Access J2534 Office usage notes
During installation, when Multi-Di@g Access J2534 configuration window appears, you should set
Communication interface to USB and set VCI serial number to A070026:
Multi Diag Access J2534
Multi Di@g Access J2534

After installation, MultiDiag shows message asking to get activation code:
Multi Di@g Access J2534
Press green button and you will see window asking for code. Please contact us with the code (18-...)
we will send you back the correct password to enter:
Multi Di@g Access J2534

During the diagnostic with the device connected, warning about 0 days left will appear. Just check
the mark “Do not display this message again” and continue the work, everything will be working
Multi Di@g Access J2534

Friday, February 21, 2014

Watch Alfa's 4C storm up Goodwood's hillclimb course quicker than a Corvette

Alfa Romeo's gorgeous 4C remains a car that we in the United States are forced to admire from afar. Thankfully, our petrolheaded brethren in the UK and Europe seem all too happy flaunt the 4C at most every opportunity. Take this video of the team at Goodwood, running the mid-engined Alfa up the estate's historic hill.
Alfa Romeo's gorgeous 4C
Watching the 4C run the course while belting out its adorably angry engine note is plenty entertaining on its own. Of course, it gets better when the Goodwood folks lay down some serious rubber following the car's 61.1-second lap. That number bests the wet time of the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, by the way.

Have a look below for the full video from the team at Goodwood.

CANBUS Scanner OBDII Codereader8 CR800

CodeReader8,the eighth portable general auto diagnostic tool,is newly desighed by CST Automotive Electronics Group in 2012.This product uses the latest low power comsuption ARM processor, 3.2 inches full color LCD display,humanized menu and swift response, easy to use.And it has three background subject choices and intelligent light sensor design.It is more convenient for the users to use it in the dark car.Support all the functions of OBDII&EOBD,it also can update freely forever!
Codereader8 can automatically adjust the backlit, it is convenient for the users to use it in the car when the light is not strong. To support the function of OBDII&EOBD and the latest CAN protocol, also it can update freely forever (OBD protocol update, vehicles update, language update and Maintenance help).
Codereader8 CR800
CodeReader8 CR800 Features:
A key type diagnostic function.
Read dynamic data flow
Hazards instructions
Ready condition test.
Query Freeze data.
Read the current fault code
Erase the fault code.
Oxygen sensor detection test
Specific monitoring system test ,vehicle monitoring
Read pending fault code
Read the vehicle-mounted system or components of the control.
Read vehicle information.
Read permanent fault code.
Fault code search function.
Test data playback
Vehicle fuel consumption test
Vehicle acceleration test.
Technical parameter :
Screen: 3.2,320*240 colorful LCD screen.
Input voltage range: 9 ~ 18V
Working current: typical value<100mA@12V.
Typical consumption:<<1.2W
Wiring Connected way: standard 16pin diagnostic port.
Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Storage temperature:-20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ @ RH 60%
The first generation of On-Board Diagnostics(called OBD II)was developed by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) and implemented in 1988 to monitor some of the emission control components on vehicles. As technology evolved and the desire to improve the On-Board Diagnostic system increased, a new generation of On-Board Diagnostic system was developed. This second generation of On-Board Diagnostic regulations is called "OBD II".
The OBD II system is designed to monitor emission control systems and key engine components by performing either continuous or periodic tests of specific components and vehicle conditions. When a problem is detected, the OBD II system turns on a warning lamp (MIL) on the vehicle instrument panel to alert the driver typically by the phrase of “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon”. The system will also store important information about the detected malfunction so that a malfunction can accurately find and fix the problem. Here below follow three pieces of such valuable information:
1) Whether the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) is commanded 'on' or 'off ';
2) Which, if any, Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are stored;
3) Readiness Monitor status.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

How similar is the S-Class Coupe to its inspiration

S-Class Coupe
Anticipation for the Coupe has run rampant since September 2013, when Mercedes unveiled the Concept S-Class CoupĂ© at the Frankfurt motor show. Best-in-show chatter stalked the long, lithe grand tourer well after the event had come to a close. Early talk around the production car, which Mercedes recently previewed online, has been similarly glowing, with Road & Track writing that “all the hotness of the concept has made the production cut” and mustering, in classic understatement: “doesn’t look too shabby, does it?”
Yet keen eyes will spot some significant changes.
The concept was a taut, tailored hunk of alloy, with no skirts or slits disturbing its essential fluidity. The body curled underneath the chassis, giving the car a lighter, tighter appearance than any heavyweight German grand tourer has a right to muster. For production, this impression has been minimised, if not lost. A horizon-flat, aggressive side skirt now protrudes from between the wheels, and the concept’s distinctive tail up-kick has been straightened by more than a few degrees. These changes conspire to make the S-Class Coupe appear more planted but also more portly.
The unbroken smoothness of the concept’s body has yielded, too. Mercedes sliced downward-stabbing vents into the production car’s rear bumper, referencing a family trait from the company’s AMG high-performance models. Moving to the roof, show goers will see a lot more metal than they did in Frankfurt. Whereas the hard stuff was draped like tracery around the concept’s skylight glass, the imperatives of rollover protection have required a bit of beefing up.
Compare the production car to the concept in the slideshow above, and let us know: has something essential been lost in translation, or did Mercedes do right by its Frankfurt show-stopper? Share your thoughts on Facebook, or message us on Twitter.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

IScancar Cars Trouble Codes Scanner

IScancar Codes Scanner have some test function of VAG1552 and add some function of VAS5051. IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner support diagnosis for Audi, Bora, Jetta after 2005 year, Passat, Santana, Polo, Golf and more, it cover Engine, automatic transmission, SRS, airbags and dashboard. It supports read computer version number, read and clear trouble codes.
To prevent personal injury or damage to vehicles and/or the tool, read this instruction manual first and observe the following safety precautions at a minimum whenever working on a vehicle
1-Always perform automotive testing in a safe environment.
2- Wear safety eye protection that meets ANSI standards.
3-Keep clothing, hair, hands, tools, test equipment, etc. away from all moving or hot engine parts.
4-Operate the vehicle in a well ventilated work area: Exhaust gases are poisonous.
5-Put blocks in front of the drive wheels and never leave the vehicle unattended while running tests.
6- Use extreme caution when working around the ignition coil, distributor cap, ignition wires and spark plugs. These components create hazardous voltages when the engine is running.
7-Put the transmission in PARK (for automatic transmission) or NEUTRAL (for manual transmission) and make sure the parking brake is engaged.
8 -Keep a fire extinguisher suitable for gasoline/chemical/electrical fires nearby.
9- Don't connect or disconnect any test equipment while the ignition is on or the engine is running.
10- Keep the tool dry, clean, free from oil/water or grease. Use a mild detergent on a clean cloth to clean the outside of the scan tool, when necessary.
Read Immo Code:

IScancar Codes Scanner support reading immobilizer code for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat from engine control unit, immobilizer dump and dashboard by OBD2 diagnostic interface, no need to remove immobilizer dump and dashboard, no need to remove and weld chip. It supports automatically recognize the following immobilizer system including: IMMO1, IMMO2, IMMO3, IMMO4 and WFS. IScancar OBDII EOBD Cars Trouble Codes Scanner support car models: all Passat models, Jetta, Santana, Audi A6, A4, A8, Sagitar, Caddy, Touran, all Polo models, all Bora models (including new Bora), Golf and Skoda.
IScancar Code Scanner Diagnosis Function:

Read out control unit information
Read fault codes
Clear fault codes
Actuator test
Scan live data
Basic settings
Coding control unit
Match and adjust
Login and authorization
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


ABRITES Commander for CHRYSLER / DODGE / JEEP” is a Windows PC based professional
diagnostic software for vehicles from the CHRYSLER / DODGE / JEEP group. With the help of
this software you can perform complete diagnostic operations of all CAN-based vehicles from the
CHRYSLER / DODGE / JEEP group, which are in most cases unsupported from the producer
diagnostic testers. The “ABRITES Commander for CHRYSLER / DODGE / JEEP” provides also
complete standard diagnostics (read faults, erase faults, current data, actuator tests) for
Our PC USB diagnostic interface currently supports K-Line and CAN-BUS interface.
Diagnostics is performed via the OBD-II connector.
The “ABRITES Commander for CHRYSLER / DODGE / JEEP” consists basically of two parts:
– Standard diagnostic functions like reading/clearing fault codes (DTC), scanning avalable
devices in the car, displaying actual values (measured parameters), performing actuator tests
– Special functions like Key Learning, Odometer Correction and Dump Tool.
All devices, which may be present in the car, are listed in the main screen of the “ABRITES
Commander for CHRYSLER / DODGE / JEEP”. If you want to connect to a specific device, please
double click on it or select it ant press the “Connect” button. The “ABRITES Commander for
CHRYSLER / DODGE / JEEP” will try to connect to the device.
The appropriate special function is opened by selecting it from the list box and double-clicking on
it, or by selecting it and then pressing the “Open” button.
SKIM means Sentry Key Immobilizer System. It prevents unauthorized operation of the vehicle by
disabling the engine. The system will shut the engine down after 2 seconds of running if an invalid
key is used to start the vehicle. This system utilizes ignition keys which have an electronic chip
(transponder) embedded into them. Only keys that have been programmed to the vehicle can be
used to start and operate the vehicle for more than the two second validation time period.
During normal operation, the Sentry Key Indicator light, located on the instrument panel upper
cover, will come on for 3 seconds immediately after the ignition is turned on for a bulb check.
Afterwards, if the bulb remains on solid, this indicates a problem with the electronics. If the bulb
begins to flash after the bulb check, this indicates that an invalid key has been used to start the
vehicle or there is a communication failure between the transponder and the Sentry Key
Immobilizer module. Both of these lamp conditions will result in the engine being shut down after 2
seconds of running. Keep in mind that a key which has not been programmed is also considered
an invalid key even if it is cut to fit the ignition for that vehicle.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Exclusive Agency GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool

GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool is an advanced service system that provides comprehensive coverage for all Hyundai vehicles including all Hybrid cars. The Global Diagnostic System or “GDS”, for short,offers several new features,GDS provides complete diagnostics, analysis and reprogramming capabilities as well as a huge library of technical, service and repair information. And now buy can get NEW kia GDS software free.
Setting and running “Fault Code Searching” function in the “Vehicle Selection” allows users to continue workflow on the primary system (denoted by a check mark on
the vehicle selection process) while the GDS searches in the background for DTCs in all selected systems. The progress status for the Fault Code Searching will be displayed on the top of the “Fault Code Searching” icon,which is located on the lower section of the GDS screen. First, establish communication with the vehicle. You will need to plug the communication VCI (shown in Figure 2) into the communication port in the vehicle.To turn on the VCI module, depress the main power switch after connecting the main DLC cable from the vehicle to the VCI module
Exclusive Agency GDS VCI
The VCI will run through a test sequence and when it is ready, green lights will be displayed for “PC Comm” and “Veh. Comm” on the unit. When using a USB connection, the“PC Comm” light will be red. If communication between the GDS and the vehicle is interrupted, hold down the power button for five seconds. After you have selected the vehicle information or VIN enter “GO” on the touch screen. This will alert the GDS which vehicle it will be diagnosing. You can also select symptoms from a drop down box or add comments for later review. Select the Diagnosis mode from the welcome screen.In this mode you can select the various components requiring diagnosis to gather Current Data or Flight Recording. The GDS will return values in real time for Current Data. In the Current Data mode, you can record and display graphs for up to six inputs simultaneously via the Basic Inspection function. The data can then be analyzed. Just click the box next to the appropriate sensors. The GDS can return graphs, component location and descriptions,component specifications, circuit information In the Flight Record mode, data from the previous ten minutes is recorded when the trigger is activated.
GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool for KIA Hyundai Features:

1. Completely Integrated Diagnostic System with User Specific information & settings
2. Complete Technical Service Information
3. Comprehensive & Customized Diagnostic Solution
4. Guided Troubleshooting Procedures
5. Mobile Data-recording Function
6. Real-time Software Management
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Install Volvo Vida Dice Software

1.Insert the Volvo vida dice disk, automatically show the install screen. please click【viad all‐in‐on】start install. If this screen have not show up when you insert the disk, please do as step two show.
2.Find install file[setup.exe] under the file as the pic show, double click to open it, then you will see the install screen as the step 1 show.
3. click [ vida all‐in‐one] start install,click[next]
4.if show the pic as below show, please do as step 5 show change the computer system time and then restart computer and finish install.
5.Change computer system time back to 2008.11.1 then restart computer. Do again step 1 to 3.
6.install processing
12.Choose the start menu enter
13.Input the 16 pin connector of Volvo vida dice into the car,USB connect to the computer.System will install the drive automatically.
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