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launch x431 master system -- control pannel

launch x431 master's control panel includes all interrelated
software and hardware configurations. It
makes the software more custom-built for you
by configuring.

1) Click [Start] button.
2) Select 'Control Panel' in the pop-up
3) Open the Control Panel interface.

launch x431 master Application
It displays the application information
contained in the 'Start' menu, including the
group name, the submenu, etc.
1) In the Control Panel interface, click 'App'

icon to open the Application Manager
2) Then you can see the corresponding
information in the list box of the interface.
(See Fig.38)
3) Insert a new group:
Click [Insert] button and input the item
name. Then choose "Start" as its parent
and click [OK] button.

4) Insert a new submenu:
Click [Insert] button and input the item
name and the file path. Then choose a
group as its parent and click [OK] button.

The path can be inputted directly or
found out in a dialogue box after clicking
[Browser] button. See Fig.39 and Fig.40.
Click [OK] button after selecting an item
in the list. Then the selected file will
automatically copied to the edit box.
The submenu should be linked to a
present group instead of the "Start" item
or another submenu.

5) Delete a group or a submenu:

click [Delete] button. When a group is
deleted, all of its submenus will be
6) Modify a group or a submenu:
Click [Modify] button and then select the
group or submenu from the list. Now you
can modify the item name, file path and
so on followed by clicking [OK] button.

7) Save the information:
After editing the application, click [OK]
button. The modified information will be
saved in the corresponding file. If you
want to quit the modification, click
[Cancel] button.
Quit all other applications before saving
the modification

Power Management
In the Power Manager interface, you can see
the condition of memory, and set the standby
time. (See Fig.41)
1) In the Control Panel interface, click

'Power' icon to open the Power Manager
2) Click the button to the right of 'Standby
time', and select the time or 'None' in the
pop-up list.
3) Click [OK] button to save the setting and
close the Power Manager interface.

launch x431 master Clock
User can set the time and the time zone of the

launch x431 master Set Time:
1) In the Control Panel interface, click
'Clock' icon to open the Date/Time
interface as shown in Fig.42.
2) In the Date/Time interface, click [Set
Time] button to open the Set Time
interface as shown in Fig.43.
3) Click the characters to the right of 'Day'
to set AM and PM, the selected one will
be highlighted.
4) Activate Soft Keyboard, and then you
can set 'Hours', 'Minutes' and 'Seconds'
5) Click [OK] button to save and close the
Set Time interface.

Set Date:
1) In the Date/Time interface, you can set
date directly.
2) Click [←] icon to the left of the month
or year to select the previous month or
3) Click the [→] icon to the right of the
month or year to select the next month or
year. (See Fig.42)
4) Click the date in the current month. It will
be highlighted when it is selected.
5) Click [Set Time] button to save the
6) Click [Quit] button to exit.
Set Time Zone
1) In the Date/Time interface, click [Set
Time zone] button to open the Set Zone
interface as shown in Fig.44.
2) Click Scrolling Bar to turn to next page of
the list, and select your zone. It will be
highlighted when it is selected.
3) Click [OK] button to save and close the
Set Zone interface.

After finishing all setting, click [OK] button in
the Date/Time interface to exit and close the
It is for adjusting the contrast of the screen to
make the interface clearer.
1) In the Control Panel interface, click
'Contrast' icon to open the Contrast
interface. See Fig.45.
2) In the Contrast interface, click the
position you want, and then you can set

You can make selection among several
languages for convenient operation of the

1) In the Control Panel interface, click

'Language' icon to open the Language
interface. See Fig.46.
2) Select the language you want to use.
3) Click [OK] button to confirm the selection
and close the language interface and the
Control Panel interface.
Note: Before selecting language, be sure to
quit all applications.

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Beautiful losers

The good die young
Building cars was, is and always will be a cut-throat endeavour. The last few years alone have taught us that not every automaker, no matter how large or legendary, can weather the ebbs and tides of shifting resources and tastes. Take Saab, the once successful Swedish firm that went from winning rallies to filing bankruptcy papers.
But there were others – many others – that rode a wave of anticipation to the production line, only to go belly-up shortly thereafter. Arguably the most famous of these is set to be auctioned on 9 March: the Tucker.
On the eve of that car’s impending sale, we present a survey of some of the most memorable cars that, like James Dean, burned hot and died young.

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Launch x431 Master Manual(2)

Control of App
Check Box
Click the check box to select the function.
When the function is selected, 'X ' will be
marked in the check box and the function
description will be displayed on the right of the
check box. You can select several functions at
the same time. (Refer to Fig.06)

Scrolling Bar
Scrolling Bar is usually at the right side of the
touch screen. You can click or drag it to
operate. If the content can't be displayed
completely in one page, moving the Scrolling
Bar can turn to next page. (Refer to Fig.07)
Common Button
[X] Button at top right corner of the interface:
After clicking it, current interface will be closed.
When editing is being done, clicking of the
button will be treated as quitting the editing.
[?] Button at top right corner of the interface:
After clicking it, the help information will be
[Cancel] Button in the interface:
Click [?] button at the top right corner of the
interface to get helpful tips for current interface.

Tool and Game
1) Click [Start] button.
2) Select 'Tools' in the pop-up menu.
3) Select the function needed in the pop-up
submenu. (Refer to Fig.08)
This calculator can perform not only common
calculations as a simple calculator, such as
addition and subtraction, but also the function
operations as a scientific calculator, such as
logarithm and factorial. (Refer to Fig.10).
1) In the pop-up menu of 'Tools', select
'Calculator' to open the Calculator
2) Click the square overlap icon on upper
left of the screen to switch between
scientific calculator and simple
3) Click 'Unit Conversion' button to switch
between unit conversion calculator and
simple calculator

Common Calculator:
1) Click numeral keys on the screen to
2) Or activate Soft Keyboard, and click

numeral key on Soft Keyboard to input.
3) The operation is the same as that for
normal calculator.
Unit Conversion Calculator (Refer to Fig.11):
1) Click 'Unit type' button at the top right
corner to select unit type.
2) Input the number to be converted in the
blank next to the unit name, and then
you will see the conversion result.
3) If you want to return to simple calculator,
please click 'X' button at the top right
corner to close the current interface.
1) In the pop-up menu of 'Tools', select
'world time' to open the world time
2) Click the button under the 'Home Time'
icon to select region.
3) Click the button under the 'World Time'
icon to select region.
4) Then you can see the time directly.
(See Fig.12).
1) In the pop-up menu of 'Tools', select
'Dictionary' to open the Dictionary
interface. (See Fig.13)
2) Activate Soft Keyboard, and input words.
3) Select the word from the list on the left.
4) Click the word, and then you can find the
translation in the right list.

James Bond’s Lotus submarine heads to auction

The auction lot number has not yet been released, but “007” seems a fitting choice.

The fully functioning Lotus Esprit submarine piloted by James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me has been consigned by RM Auctions for its coming sale in London this September.

The car, which was nicknamed Wet Nellie on the set of the 1976 film, is based on a 1977 Series I Esprit and, according to RM, cost $100,000 to convert to submarine duty. Though other Esprits were used in the film, Nellie commanded the most screen time.
RM cites a curious post-production narrative for the car. After filming, the Esprit entered a storage unit in Long Island, New York, which had been paid upfront for a decade. But when subsequent billings went delinquent, the unit’s contents were offered in a blind auction, with no indication of what they might be. A local couple entered the winning bid (undisclosed by RM), and discovered the car under blankets when they opened the unit. After authentication, the vehicle was on show briefly at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, but has been rarely displayed publically since emerging from its Long Island exile.
RM did not reveal a pre-auction estimate for the Esprit, arguably the second most recognisable Bond car of all time, but Meghan McGrail, an RM spokeswoman, said the Esprit was expected to fetch over £500,000 ($760,000). The original Bond car, an Aston Martin DB5 used in 1964’s Goldfinger, was sold by the company for £2.9m at its London sale in 2010.
The Esprit will be offered without reserve at RM’s Battersea sale on 8 to 9 September.

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Launch x431 Master Manual(1)

Launch x431 Master Layout of Main Unit
Layout of Main Unit
Turn on the power source, and then press
[Power] key on the machine. The screen will
display the prompts about touch screen
calibration. Press [Hot] key (refer to the
section "Calibrate Touch screen" for detailed
steps) if you want to make calibration,
otherwise, you can wait until it displays the
start interface as shown in Fig.02.

An interface for User Register will be
displayed when the machine is started at
first time. Refer to the section "User
Register"for detailed steps.
When you want to turn off the machine, press
and hold [Power] key for at least 2 seconds.
[Start] button: Its function is the same as that
in Windows. Click it to pop up the start menu.
The items and their respective functions in the
menu are shown in the following table.
[ ] Active Taskbar Icon: Click it by stylus to
display and switch the executed programs.
[ ] Back Light Icon: Click it to turn on/off
back light.
[ ] Soft Keyboard Icon: Click it to activate
the soft keyboard. Then you have two ways to
1. Input by soft keyboard;
2. Input by writing board;

Note: To input data, please activate Soft
Keyboard with stylus and use the stylus in
the subsequent operations.
Using the Soft Keyboard
Activate And Hide
You can click Soft Keyboard icon on the
bottom of the touch screen to activate the soft
keyboard, and click again to hide it.
Input By Soft Keyboard
You have two ways to choose. One is to input
by Soft Keyboard just like normal keyboard,
but with stylus instead of finger. The other is to
input by writing board.
Click [En] button, it will switch from normal
keyboard to writing board [Hw]. And click [Hw]
button, it will switch back.
The Function Key
There are four function keys on the upper-right
of the Soft Keyboard. SBC/DBC case,
punctuations, Keyboard/Writing board, and the
Soft Keyboard position can be determined by
clicking one of the four keys for each of the
functions from left to right. (Refer to Fig.03)
The four function keys at the upper-middle
position are for moving the cursor leftward,
rightward, upward or downward.

In keyboard mode, the key at the bottom left of
the keyboard is [Shift] key. Click it to change
the lowercase letter into the uppercase letter,
and the numeral key into special symbol
(same as the special characters corresponding
to the numeral keys in normal keyboard). The

white key at the bottom right of the Soft
Keyboard is space key.
In writing board mode (refer to Fig.04), there
are eight function keys at the lower left of the
soft keyboard. The four ones on the bottom
implement the function: to move the cursor
leftward, rightward, upward or downward. The
other four functions are (from left to right): to
delete the first character before the current
cursor, clear the hand-writing section, space
and return.
Input by Keyboard
1) Open an interface, such as User
2) Click Soft Keyboard Icon in the tool bar
to activate Soft Keyboard.
3) Click the characters on Soft Keyboard to
enter data. (Refer to Fig.05)
Input by Writing Board
1) Open an interface, such as Memo.
2) Click [New] button.
3) Click the function key to switch to Writing
Board. (Refer to the section "Use for Soft
4) Write on the white board to the right of the
Soft Keyboard. Enter the information by
function key operation.

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An Arctic summer adventure

Icy paradise
Located halfway between Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard is an extraordinary archipelago home to seabirds, polar bears, reindeers and marine mammals that have adapted to life in this frosty escape. In May and June the ice retreats and the tundra clears of snow, with temperatures remaining steadily above zero until September – making this the best time of year to explore the numerous islands. Humans are the minority this far north, with only 2,500 people calling Svalbard home year-round, compared to an estimated 3,000 polar bears. When travelling outside the settlements, residents are required to carry a rifle for their own protection. (Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Stock)

Frozen in time
Svalbard has a diverse geology, and because most of the land is barren and untouched it provides a unique look into the stages of Earth's development. From mountains and canyons to wetland plains and lagoons, there is much more than just icy tundra to discover. For both geologists and adventurers, this land is a mecca like no other. (Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Stock)

The midnight sun
From the end of April to the end of August, the sun never sets on Svalbard. It rests calmly above the horizon looking down upon the oceans of ice, before a hiatus from October to February when it is rarely seen. This constant daylight makes summer the ideal time for adventurous activities and exploration, such as guided cruises, hiking, dog-sledding or kayaking around glaciers. (Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Stock)

Arctic coral
The vibrant anemones and soft corals in Svalbard's icy waters are nourished by nutrients washing off the shore and dropping into the ocean from seabirds. This unexpected and beautiful biodiversity may be too frigid for some divers to explore, but those with experience and a high tolerance for the cold will be rewarded with icebergs, kelp forests, encounters with whales and seals and a rich ecological diversity in the reefs – but be prepared to bring your own heavily insulated equipment. (Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Stock)

You sly fox
Dovekie flocks, small arctic birds native to the region, fertilise the summer terrain with their remains, turning the barren tundra into a mossy green landscape. This is an ideal lurking ground for the arctic fox, a hunter that preys on birds, such as puffins, and their eggs to feed her pups. (Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Stock)

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In pictures: 2013 Shanghai Auto Show

Rolls-Royce sees growth in China

Shanghai is playing host this week to the latest and most exclusive of the world's cars at the Shanghai Auto Show.
China is the world's largest car market, and every manufacturer wants to promote their wares.
Luxury vehicles are no exception. So what's the outlook for the top end of the market?
John Sudworth spoke to Torsten Muller-Otvos, the chief executive of Rolls-Royce motor cars.

Nevada City car show attracts vintage auto fans

Diehard foreign car fans braved the heat in downtown Nevada City to check out the beautiful cars at the 3rd Annual Nevada City Foreign Car & Motorcycle Show recently.

The weather was hot, however the turnout was great. Nearly 100 registrants lined up their gorgeous automobiles on Broad Street.

The band, Blended Metal Saxophones, played while people strolled past the vintage foreign cars and motorcycles.

There were two winners chosen by the public.

The People’s Choice winners for best car were Scott and Theresa McLaughlin of Nevada City for their 1967 356C Porsche. The People’s Choice winner for best motorcycle was Grass Valley’s Dave Molloy and his 1969 BSA Victor Special.

The Sierra Sports Car Group, the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Nevada County collaborated on the event, with proceeds benefitting the Chamber and United Way of Nevada County.

There was a raffle with some great prizes: a wine stroll, a pub crawl and fun things for the kids to do. There are still commemorative T-shirts and beer mugs available with a donation to United Way.

This annual competition has become a popular event for Nevada City with people from all over California participating.

AD90 Transponder Key Duplicator Plus

The professional duplicating machine, AD90, has been designed and built to keep pace with the constant evolution of transponder car keys.
The AD90 key duplicator features the most innovative electronic components in the field of radio frequencies thus allowing easy detection, reading and cloning (duplication) of fixed code transponders and the identification of cryptographic transponder codes.
The AD90 in addition has major features such as copying of Crypto 42 type transponders and the Texas 4C and 4D transponders. These are additional options but make the AD90 a powerful tool.
Read transponder
Write onto transponder
Copy transponder
Software update from Internet
Usable with PC software
Available to be used with the 'Chip Decoder System'
Adaptable to future projects.
Wide range menu language
AD90 can detect, read and duplicate (using an appropriate key blank) Philips,
Megamos, Temic and Texas transponders.
1. Clear display by pressing 'R' with no transponder in
the key reader.
2. Insert the key/transponder to be written into the key reader.
3. Select required transponder type by pressing the 'W'
button then press 'ENTER' to confirm.
4. Type in the required code - press the 'W'
button to move the curser to the right and the 'R'
button to move the curser to the left.
5. Press 'ENTER' then press 'W'.
6. Select the required transponder by pressing the relevant number on the AD90
7. If 'WRITE ERROR' is displayed check the transponder
type and try again.

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ED100 Motorcycle 6 in 1 Handheld Motor Diagnostic Tool

ED100 Motorcycle 6 in 1 Handheld Motor is produced in Taiwan.Do you think it have no strong quality and function?No,ED100 include 6 function to the Motorcycle.Firstly,it can read the Motorcycle system information,read system information is the most important.Second,the data stream,may be you can and clear DTCS.freeze data and co idle speed adjustment
ED100 Features:
1. Small size, light weight and easy-taken,easy operation and quickly reaction
2. provide diagnostic functions to multi-brands motors
3. Can provide detailed and complete diagnostics functions and maintenance description.
4. reliable quality.
5. Large LCD display with high resolution and clear fonts, easy to read.
6. Stronger and more durable than most equipment on the market
7. all the accessories can be replaced with high quality.
8. can be updated online
9. with CANBUS chips inside, no need for any additional interface, you can meet the needs of future development
ED100 Motor Diagnostic Tool
What motorcycle it can scan? Ed100 can diagnose SYM,KYMCO, YAMAHA, PGO, SUZUKI, and Hartford.(mostly for low CC, like 125)
ED100 Motor Diagnostic Tool with 6 menbrane keyboard needs DC 10-15V Power,works in 250ma electric current.its screen is 160*105 LCD.Storage Temperature: -10°C-85°C Operating temperature:0-70°C Humidity: <90% .ED100 support usb port ,comport and power port.As of today its price is $184.99 in obd2works.package include 8 cable for people to use.

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Foxconn, as long as a cough, apple must have caught a cold?

     If something sounded familiar about Lorraine Luk's headline in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal -- As Apple Feels Bite, Hon Hai Looks to Diversify -- it may be because we've heard that tune a lot lately.
    Just in the past three weeks, journalists have attributed to Apple's (AAPL) loss of "steam" everything from Harvard's divestiture of a few hundred Apple shares to the structure of Sharp's survival plan. (See The business wires' new verbal tic.)
    To be sure, one can legitimately write that Apple has had an unusually long stretch without a product launch. Or that its profit margins have pulled back quite a bit from their historic highs. Or that its earnings fell year over year last quarter for the first time since 2003, and are likely to do it again this quarter.
    But Apple's all-important iOS shipments, as the chart above shows, are still growing nicely.
    So to interpret this quote from an unnamed Hon Hai executive ...
    "As our production capacity has grown to such a large scale and existing major-brand customers offer limited order growth, we need to actively expand our client base to help increase our manufacturing volume."
    ... as referring specifically to Apple -- as Luk did in Monday's Journal -- is to ignore the fact that Hon Hai, better known as Foxconn, has other major-brand clients, and that most of them are hurting.
    Take Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and Dell (DELL), two Window's PC vendors that subcontract their assembly work to Foxconn. How's that business doing? See chart below:
    What about Nintendo, Sony (SNE) and Microsoft (MSFT)? Their game consoles are also assembled in Foxconn's factories:

    How about Amazon's (AMZN) Kindle readers? Foxconn builds those things too: