Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PCMCIA TO RS232 Work For Mb Star C3

Today we update a new product PCMCIA TO RS232,it now sell for $37.99,feel free to contact us http://www.obd2works.com
Features and Specifications:
1.16-bit PC Card Compliant (PCMCIA Revision 7.1)
2.128-byte deep transmitter/receiver FIFO .
3.Supports Data rate up to 15Mbps .
Very low power consumption 3.3V/5V operation voltage .
Fully software compatible with industry standard 16C550 type . UARTs .
Removable cable provides one DB9 connector for device connection (dual or four serial ports)
Works with various types of RS232 serial device including modems , label printers,
bar code scanners, digital cameras and more.
4.Operating System:
Desktop or notebook computer with PCMCIA socket .
Win 98/98SE, Win Me ,Win 2000,Win NT ,Win XP
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MOTO 7000TW Universal Motorcycle Scan Tool

MOTO 7000TW is a Diagnostic Scanner support Adiva, Aprilia, Arctic Cat, Benelli, Bimota, BMW, BRP CAN-AM, Buell, Cagiva, Derbi, Ducati, Gas Gas, Gilera, Harley Davidson, Honda, Hyosung, Kawasaki, KTM, KVN Motor, Kymco, Laverda, Malaguti, Mondial, Moto Guzzi, Moto Morini, MV Agusta, Peugeot, Piaggio, Polaris, Sherco, Suzuki, Triumph, Vespa, Voxan, Yamaha.Now obd2works.com sell MOTO 7000TW for $1,169.99.
MOTO 7000TW scanner allows the technician to diagnose, adjust, and reset key systems on all major motorcycle brands, including Honda, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, and others. This product is a must-have for motorcycle shops, technicians, and enthusiasts!
MOTO 7000TW scanner covers virtually all major manufacturers' diagnostic functions. It helps the technician to diagnose problems and make repairs faster; many common procedures are written into the tool so the technician can follow them (injectors, ignition, coils, fuel pump, etc.). It allows the technician to perform factory service procedures such as re-setting the service light, encoding keys, unlocking the immobilizer and configuring the immobilizer/alarm, making injection adjustments (COTrimmer), adjusting the throttle valve position sensor(TPS), re-setting auto adaptive parameters, and making idling adjustments. The tool shows live data, displays ECUdata, reads stored faults(history) or live data(RPM,batteryvoltage,throttleangle).
All the software is included for all the brands in the tool. Various OEM- style cable connector cables are required to connect to the different brands.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Auto Diagnotic Car Code Reader Launch X431 GDS can Online update

We supply all the Launch series diagnostic,the product Launch X431 GDS now price:$1,999
Launch X-431 GDS is a new generation high-end integrated diagnostic products from LAUNCH Company, it fully considered of user's operation, usage and senses, develop to multi-function module from single function module, and integrated with Wi-Fi communication technologies to make the products more professional, industrial, modular, network and user-friendly, thereby lead automobile troubleshooting into a diversified network era comprehensively.
The main module of this product integrated with display, print and diagnostic, and the remaining function modules are unified form and can be used independently. Users can purchase any functional modules that they actual needed, each functional module can connect and communicate with the main module via the standard USB.
As for availability?
Now we look at its performance parts
Launch X431 GDS
Launch X431 GDS
Launch X431 GDS
WIFI Launch X431 GDS Features:
1.Network Technology: Supports Wi-Fi wireless Internet communications. It also equipped with an Ethernet port supporting wired Internet connection to achieve high-speed Internet access.
2.Value Added Services: Provides maintenance information, maintenance cases and Internet search service. To achieve main module upgrading by one key, feedback by one key, and searching by one key etc. value-added services.
3.Compliant with the Projector: Provide VGA interface, support for external projector or large screen display extension to achieve 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 two kinds of resolution projector display.

4.Module Design: Adopt modular design concept, and except the main module (includes display, diagnosis, and printing), other modules are unified sizes and appearances to achieve that the customer can purchase each one(s) of their actual need.

5.Powerful Functions: Equipped with car trouble diagnosis, oscilloscope, engine ignition analysis, sensor simulation, and multi-meter functions to achieve a now generation of high-end integrated diagnostic products.

6.Industrial Computer: Introduced the industrial computer standards to car trouble diagnosis to achieve more stable operation and more reliable quality.

7.Unique Appearance: fully upgrade the structure and the appearance, fully account of the user's experience and the ergonomics, to achieve unique and innovative design.

8.Wide Test Range: This diagnostic software can detect electronic control system malfunction which from Asia, Europe, and the United States etc. to achieve one of the most wide vehicle testing diagnostic instrument of the globe.

9.Quick upgrade: the software upgrades nearly 1,000 times each year to ensure the timely distribution of the software and the function.
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Goodwood’s garden of delights

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Goodwood Festival of Speed – affectionately known as an “automotive garden party” – is the world’s largest celebration of car culture.

The 2013 event honoured the 50th anniversary of Porsche’s iconic 911 and featured priceless historic cars as well as modern supercars racing up the hill at Lord March’s estate in picturesque West Sussex, England.
From Formula 1 and rally cars to the Cartier Style et Luxe Concours d’Elegance, Goodwood has something for every stripe of automotive aficionado.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

VDM UCANDAS Wireless Automotive Diagnosis System

Today we will introduce a new car diagnostic scanner product:VDM UCANDAS Wireless Automotive Diagnosis System,Now it sell for $289.99 in obd2works.com.
The state-of-art UCANDAS is delicately engineered and built by P&T Electronic Technology Co., a scan tool R&D company based in China. Established in 2009, P&T is now recognized by the automotive aftermarket industry as one of the fastest growing scan tool companies providing the most extensive and best price-performance ratio OEM-level diagnostic products and first-class customer support in the world. The UCANDAS Diagnostic System is ingeniously designed to recreate the functionality of the OEM tools used by automotive manufacturers’ dealers, empowering independent garage shops to provide complete servicing in their own shops, including data stream, reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, component activation and immobilizer key coding, etc.
it's language is english.
2,VDM UCANDAS Product features

*Supporting ISO 9141-2, K/L line, SAE-J1850 VPW, SAE-J1850 PWM, CAN ISO 11898, ISO15765-4 protocols.
*High-speed, medium speed and low speed CAN-BUS, Single CAN-BUS diagnosis protocols is supported.
*Can check out the year and model of the vehicles automatically and quickly.
*All inclusive software coverage - European, American, Asian and Australian prevalent vehicles.
*OBDII diagnostic connector has a wide compatibility, which don’t need to replace other connector, during the testing.
*Hardware architecture uses new design with multiple protection, interference and stability. Built-in overvoltage protection module is applied, in order to protect scanner and vehicle against accidental damage during checking.
*Can work stably in high and low temperature environment, and work well.
obd2works, as a professional auto diagnostic tools online supplier, providing our customers with a vast range of high-quality and affordable automobile maintenance tools .Our main business line covers: Automotive Professional Diagnostic Tools for OBD I and OBD II compliant vehicles; Auto Diagnostic tool, OBD2 Code Scanners, ECU Chip Tuning Tool, Car Key programmer Mileage Programmer as well as other more featured products.

Monday, July 8, 2013

LAUNCH Diagnostic Tool : Launch CResetter II Oil Lamp Reset Tool

Launch CResetter II is a LAUNCH Diagnostic Tool that a professional Service Lamp Reset device specially developed for car DIY lovers,small repair workshops and roadside concessions.
It is designed in traditional appearance and has special functions of oil light reset, brake pad reset, and steering angle reset, etc. Compared with similar product on the market, it has more powerful functions, wider car model coverage and more affordable price.
Launch CResetter II
now the CResetter II sell only $159.99, To see the product visit obd2works.com
Cresetter II Functions:

1 Support service lamp reset for multiple domestic and oversea car models.
2 Car service period setting
3 Brake pad reset function
4 Steering angle sensor calibration
5 Support Online upgrade
6 Support Multiple languages
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Campagna T-Rex: From Canada, a three-wheeled terror

It is as cramped as a Shriners car, as noisy as a jackhammer and possessed of what is surely the steepest operational learning curve of any production motor vehicle. But to its devotees, such apparent downsides are all part of the fun.
This $62,000 three-wheeler is a wild ride indeed, delivering a degree of unmitigated outrageousness that excuses minor grievances like spinal trauma and hearing loss.
Montreal, Canada-based Campagna, under the guidance of company founder Daniel Campagna, has been turning out the handcrafted T-Rex since 1995, at a rate of two or three per week. The current car is a refined version of a tube-frame prototype from 1988. It seats two abreast, and within its steel structure and fibreglass bodywork beats one of two motorcycle-derived hearts: a screaming Kawasaki Ninja engine or, in the new 16S model, a torque-rich in-line six-cylinder from the BMW Group’s motorcycle division, BMW Motorrad. Matched to a Motorrad six-speed sequential manual motorcycle gearbox (modified by Campagna to include reverse), this liquid-cooled 1,600cc engine spins out a smooth 160 horsepower and 129 pound-feet of torque. These figures seem modest only until factoring in the vehicle’s trifling 1,100lb curb weight. From rest, the T-Rex will crack 60mph in four seconds flat, although the combination of noise, wind and bobsled-like proximity to the ground makes the trip feel half as long.
Placing oneself into the cockpit requires the removal of the steering wheel and strict adherence to a choreographed sequence: rump here, hand here, other hand there, legs this way, feet together, lift, swing, slide, drop. With the seatbelt clicked, wheel reattached and key inserted, you are ready to go. Well, you are ready to try, at least.

For a newbie, stalling the T-Rex is a given. One stall, two, five, nine – the throttle is so sensitive and clutch travel so brief that successfully harmonising them is a virtuosic feat. In a fast-food drive-thru: stall. In rush-hour Los Angeles as the light goes green: stall. Trying to impress the young ladies who just snapped your photo with their mobile phones: stall. In the T-Rex, smooth starts are small badges of honour, and because fate has a sense of humour, the best ones invariably occur when nobody is watching.
The car is short and wide – three inches broader than a BMW 7 Series sedan, in fact. As such, it is supremely stable. It is not a difficult car to drive very quickly, and the driver is soon smacking up and down the gears with reckless abandon. For longer drives, earplugs and goggles are prudent, a full-face helmet is better (the latter having the added benefit of hiding the driver’s identity).
The front tires – 205/45ZR-16s on Enkei rims – are grippy but narrow enough to keep steering effort light and precise. At the rear, a single chain-driven wheel wrapped in a fat 295/35ZR-18 tire puts the power down effectively and manages to hang tight in corners. It can be reluctant to perform both tasks at the same time, however. The engine it is never more than a stab of the throttle from overpowering the rear rubber, something that in a straight line is giddy fun, but in a hairpin corner is hair-raising. Serpentine asphalt is best tackled with prudence, at least until a driver masters the machine – a process that clearly takes longer than the duration of a test-car loan.
In a functional sense, the T-Rex has staked a claim in some of the last vehicular wilderness, halfway between an elemental roadster (think Mazda MX-5) and a touring motorcycle. It is wilder and more raucous than either one, and dramatically more expensive. In fact, at $62,000, the T-Rex 16S overshoots some fairly exceptional sports cars, including the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray ($51,995) and the splendid Porsche Boxster ($51,350) – and it does so without air bags, anti-lock brakes, stability control or a single cupholder. There is no rational reason to select the T-Rex, but rationality rarely comes into play during such purchases. To those who are smitten, the T-Rex is an objet d’art: singular, irresistible and far above the mundane act of comparison.
Vital Stats: 2013 Campagna Motors T-Rex 16S
  • Base price: $62,000
  • As tested: $69,646
  • Drivetrain: 160hp, 1.6-litre six-in-line motorcycle engine, six-speed sequential manual motorcycle transmission, single-rear-wheel drive
  • Major options: Pearlescent white paint $1,649; chrome kit $3,999; colour-matched side bags $1,699; wind deflector $299

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Professional BMW ISIS ISID BMW ICOM A+B+C Car Diagnostic Tool

BMW ICOM ISIS ISID A+B+C based in the Midlands is turbo charging the Honda 2 litre Type R powerplant by another 80bhp following public feedback.Lloyd Taylor, General Manager of GTM Cars Ltd. said: "Potential and existing GTM customers made us aware of the requirements for a more powerful version
Nissan/Infiniti Pin Code Calculator for all new BCM modules of the 40TR so we have boosted the Honda engine to over 300bhp, making the ultra light racing car even faster but still superb value for money."The revised powerplant is expected to reach 60mph in approximately 3.5 seconds and go on to a top speed of well over 150mph. The 2-seater featuring an exposed aluminium super-structure will also gain a revised front nose cone and rear wing. The 40TR has been designed as a joint venture with another Midlands company, Stadco Engineering, and is expected to cost between £14,000 to £16,000.The Coventry company has designed and is manufacturing the GTM 40TR for the racing track as well as a road legal version both of which will
BMW ICOM ISIS ISID A+B+C will be remunerated for dividend payments from its indirect stake in Porsche AG that it would have received, as well as for half of the present value of the net synergies realizable as a result of the accelerated integration, which amount to a total of approximately €320 million.The accelerated integration of Porsche AG into the Volkswagen Group allows the implementation of Volkswagen AG’s and Porsche AG’s joint strategy more quickly. "The unique Porsche brand will continue to develop successfully under Volkswagen’s multibrand strategy and proven decentralized management structure. Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface Porsche will retain its own identity and operational independence, just like all of the other Group brands", said Winterkorn. Gumpert Apollo Sport runs the 'Ring in 7:11 PRESS RELEASESeven:Eleven, Fifty-sevenGUMPERT apollo sport sets new lap record for road legal cars on legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife to 7:11,57 min(Altenburg/Nurburg)It is August, 13 th.The air has a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius
Published on May 21, 2013
Software version: 2011.09V
Diagnosis version: V28
Program version: V43
our shop:http://www.obd2works.com
ICOM A: Vehicles with OBD capability (Connect to ISIS/SSS/ISID with LAN or WAN)
ICOM B: For programming with MOST port (Connect to MOST in vehicle / to ICOM-A with USB system
ICOM C: Older model series with diagnosis socket in engine compartment (OBD 2)
Optional Information:
HS Code: 8708 Parts and Accessories of the Motor Vehicles BMW Group ISIS Next Generation Tools 3G 2008
3G Components:
Integrated Service Information Server (I S I S) two servers (one backup) + ISTA
Integrated Service Information Display (ISID) portable tablet device
Integrated Communication Optical Module (ICOM) set of vehicle interface devices-all models
Integrated Measurement Interface Box (IMIB) measurement interface device
Integrated Service Access Point (ISAP) for wireless connection to ISIS
To learn more information of BMW ICOM, please visit http://www.obd2works.com/professional...
Autos & Vehicles
Standard YouTube License
if you don't know how to use it,you can visit the youtube:
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Volkswagen XL1: How does 261mpg feel?

The Volkswagen XL1 is missing something. Three things, really.
Already pared down to a catalogue of lightweight, sophisticated components rendered from carbon fibre, magnesium and aluminium, the XL1 lacks those useful pieces of hardware that attentive drivers know as mirrors. Volkswagen compensates for this seeming handicap with two cameras integrated into each of the XL1’s butterfly-hinge doors, which gaze rearward along the car's flanks and send real-time video to two door-mounted cabin screens. The cameras also do a respectable job of capturing the rear view, eliminating the need for a mirror on the windshield.

The XL1 giveth and the XL1 taketh away, and this is the fundamental dynamic at work in VW’s 261mpg marvel. Get an Audi-calibre steering wheel, lose the power-assisted steering; get the lowest aerodynamic drag of any production car in the world, lose the side-view mirrors; get an injection-moulded, carbon-fibre-reinforced-polymer (CFRP) substructure, lose any semblance of sound insulation. Such are the trade-offs in a time machine.
Because the XL1 is most assuredly from the future.
The diesel-electric hybrid was made available for brief drives on 25 June around Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, where the first examples emerged from a genesis that began in 2002 with the 1-Litre concept car. XL1s pictured here are among an initial run of 50, and VW has committed to building 250.
From any angle, the XL1 sooner evokes a 1930s streamliner locomotive than it does a passenger car. It perches on narrow Michelin tires, with rear wheels mounted to a shorter axle than those up front, imparting a gawkier, more nose-heavy stance than any other virtue-mobile on the road. The Toyota Prius is a car. The XL1 is a transporter.
Settling into one of the vehicle’s two carbon fibre seats – slightly offset to prevent shoulders from bumping – the sci-fi overtones soften. Here is a tight-diameter, leather-wrapped steering wheel, here a cluster of analogue gauges, here a radio scanner and climate control knobs. No question, you are in a car.
Drivers of battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles would find nothing extraordinary about the XL1’s startup sequence. Press the start button and watch the gauges illuminate. Pull the dual-clutch transmission into gear, apply light throttle and the XL1 builds speed under purely electric power, albeit with half the alacrity of modestly powered EVs like theNissan Leaf. Tromp on the accelerator and a .8-litre two-cylinder diesel engine joins in with a gurgle. When all electricity is spent after a manufacturer-estimated 31 miles, the diesel engine feeds power back into the battery.
The XL1 is in no hurry, but it keeps pace with traffic on the perimeter roads and roundabouts outside VW’s sprawling campus. The entire powertrain is housed mid-ships, so the driver senses engine and motor noise directly behind those handsome carbon fibre seats. If there is anything jarring about the XL1’s repertoire, it is the sandpaper-on-chalkboard clamour produced with every application of the ceramic disc brakes. A noise that the XL1 all but eliminates, though, is wind; at highway speeds, the loss of those aerodynamically unfriendly side-view mirrors never seems shrewder. Low-rolling-resistance Michelins do their best to fill the aural void, but they do not intrude to an unreasonable degree. The XL1 is a chatty little thing, yet you find yourself forgiving its faults because of that 261 number.
Volkswagen has tested the XL1 to 261mpg, a figure so gaudy that it recalibrates one’s conception of “good” fuel economy. In an industry quick to ballyhoo a 2mpg advantage over a competitor, the XL1’s fuel-economy rating is 500% better than that of a Toyota Prius C – a car deemed the greenest of 2013 by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Not for nothing is a “1” in the XL1’s name.
But that singularity also muddles the conversation. Volkswagen has affixed no price to the XL1, nor has it disclosed development costs. The first 50 cars are being loaned out gratis to urban planners, green entrepreneurs and futurists of all stripes in Germany for four-week periods, with the remaining 200 allocated for paying customers, also in Germany. Whether these customers build equity in their XL1s or only lease them, VW will not yet say, nor will the company comment on the XL1’s prospects for reaching other markets. Brand communications have all the transparency of encrypted diplomatic cables.
“Business case” is a phrase heard a lot around Wolfsburg. If the XL1’s virtuosity can be siphoned off in small, scalable doses to benefit the Golfs and Ups in the product portfolio, VW might deem its 1-Litre project a raging success. But the time machine is already built. It would be a shame not to do some exploring with it.
Vital stats: Volkswagen XL1
  • Base price: N/A
  • Price as tested: N/A
  • EPA fuel economy: N/A (manufacturer-estimated 261mpg combined)
  • Powertrain: .8-litre, 48-horsepower two-cylinder diesel engine, 5.5kWh, 27hp electric motor, seven-speed dual-clutch (DSG) automatic transmission
  • Standard equipment: carbon-fibre-reinforced-polymer safety cell, four-wheel ceramic disc brakes, park assist, Garmin navigation system
  • Major options: N/A