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Professional BMW ISIS ISID BMW ICOM A+B+C Car Diagnostic Tool

BMW ICOM ISIS ISID A+B+C based in the Midlands is turbo charging the Honda 2 litre Type R powerplant by another 80bhp following public feedback.Lloyd Taylor, General Manager of GTM Cars Ltd. said: "Potential and existing GTM customers made us aware of the requirements for a more powerful version
Nissan/Infiniti Pin Code Calculator for all new BCM modules of the 40TR so we have boosted the Honda engine to over 300bhp, making the ultra light racing car even faster but still superb value for money."The revised powerplant is expected to reach 60mph in approximately 3.5 seconds and go on to a top speed of well over 150mph. The 2-seater featuring an exposed aluminium super-structure will also gain a revised front nose cone and rear wing. The 40TR has been designed as a joint venture with another Midlands company, Stadco Engineering, and is expected to cost between £14,000 to £16,000.The Coventry company has designed and is manufacturing the GTM 40TR for the racing track as well as a road legal version both of which will
BMW ICOM ISIS ISID A+B+C will be remunerated for dividend payments from its indirect stake in Porsche AG that it would have received, as well as for half of the present value of the net synergies realizable as a result of the accelerated integration, which amount to a total of approximately €320 million.The accelerated integration of Porsche AG into the Volkswagen Group allows the implementation of Volkswagen AG’s and Porsche AG’s joint strategy more quickly. "The unique Porsche brand will continue to develop successfully under Volkswagen’s multibrand strategy and proven decentralized management structure. Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface Porsche will retain its own identity and operational independence, just like all of the other Group brands", said Winterkorn. Gumpert Apollo Sport runs the 'Ring in 7:11 PRESS RELEASESeven:Eleven, Fifty-sevenGUMPERT apollo sport sets new lap record for road legal cars on legendary Nurburgring Nordschleife to 7:11,57 min(Altenburg/Nurburg)It is August, 13 th.The air has a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius
Published on May 21, 2013
Software version: 2011.09V
Diagnosis version: V28
Program version: V43
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ICOM A: Vehicles with OBD capability (Connect to ISIS/SSS/ISID with LAN or WAN)
ICOM B: For programming with MOST port (Connect to MOST in vehicle / to ICOM-A with USB system
ICOM C: Older model series with diagnosis socket in engine compartment (OBD 2)
Optional Information:
HS Code: 8708 Parts and Accessories of the Motor Vehicles BMW Group ISIS Next Generation Tools 3G 2008
3G Components:
Integrated Service Information Server (I S I S) two servers (one backup) + ISTA
Integrated Service Information Display (ISID) portable tablet device
Integrated Communication Optical Module (ICOM) set of vehicle interface devices-all models
Integrated Measurement Interface Box (IMIB) measurement interface device
Integrated Service Access Point (ISAP) for wireless connection to ISIS
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