Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The new owners of the oil temperature maintenance are a lot of misunderstanding

In recent years, car owners gradually increased, cars require regular maintenance, but a limited number of qualified car repair center, often into maintenance errors, affect the performance of the vehicle.
     Afraid of heights afraid of low engine temperature. Do everything possible to find the cause of high water temperature, low water temperature is considered normal. In fact, great harm automobile engine temperature is low, the mixture will not burn fully, power reduction, increase, and cause poor lubrication, can also cause excessive emissions.
     Add oil more the better. Think of the engine plus oil rather more not less, plus less likely to burn bearing little relationship Cadogan point. In fact, the right engine oil Cadogan still cause harm, Tcs cdp diagnostic tool ramp-mounted engine and V-type engine is even worse. It is an increase of the crankshaft, connecting rod rolling resistance, but it increased oil splashed on the cylinder wall, resulting in increased carbon deposition chamber. So oil Cadogan, and will reduce engine power, increased wear, can cause excessive emissions.
     Empty hub lubrication unreliable. That the inner hub filled with grease, can ensure the lubrication of wheel bearings, the bearings coated with only the empty hub lubricating greases not insurance, the hub must be in the middle of the gap filled with grease. In fact, doing so is not only a waste of grease, bearing the heat and the impact of harmful and no interest bearing lubrication. Breaker contact gap big points better than the small point. In fact, the contact gap is too large, contact closure time is short, the primary side of the ignition coil current is reduced, causing the high-voltage spark is weak, thus causing the engine difficult to start.
     Do not loose fastening bolts rather tight. In fact, the various components of the bolt car, depending on the diameter, pitch and uses its size has a corresponding tightening torque specified value. Less than the required value of the bolts come loose, although bad, but blindly increasing the tightening torque fastening parts will be deformed and cause elongation of the screw thread deformation or fracture.
     Open when the car maintenance check was assured. With the improvement of manufacturing standards, modern life has been greatly extended auto parts, casual dismantling will disrupt been running good with the state, greatly shorten the life of the part. In the automotive fault detection technology is improving without disassembly today, if part or assembly has not found significant failures are generally not dismantling.
     Car break-in period is not important. In fact, the most important vehicle maintenance stage is car break-in period. During the run, the engine will produce some iron, iron if there is no immediate clean-up will cause internal engine wear and tear, as well as the piston will have abnormal wear and tear, so that later may have to eat the oil for the car or the phenomenon of incomplete combustion .
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Automotive Digital Diagnostic Tools Ignition System Quick detectors

COP ignition system fast detector is a portable, handheld detector ignition system car diagnostic scanner. It can be simply and quickly detect COP ignition system (ignition coil and spark plug in-one) in the ignition coils and spark plugs are firing properly. Detector can trigger its work by the secondary coil of the ignition signal. When the signal is received, the detector can detect the COP ignition voltage (peak voltage or a voltage of combustion) and combustion time (spark duration) is normal. When the ignition voltage is normal, red strobe light-emitting diodes will flash. Arcing duration is normal, green strobe light-emitting diodes will flash. Red strobe flashing light-emitting diode continuous and regular and accompanied by a beep, indicating that the ignition voltage is normal. Does not reflect or to reflect the ongoing show ignition coil ignition voltage is not enough.
diagnostic tool
This product can easily detect the following faults:
     1) spark plug gap is dirty or inappropriate
     2) or the connection line is damaged or corroded
     3) Coil car computer failure or malfunction
     Green strobe flashing light-emitting diode continuous and regular shows that the burning time is normal. Or does not reflect persistent flashes to indicate that the burning time is not normal.
     The measuring device can detect asked causes:
     1) ignition coil short
     2) there is resistance or open circuit failure in the primary or the secondary coil
     3) coil failure
     Without the use of detectors shutdown for about 2 minutes, the automatic shutdown. Off the first two strobe flashing LED lights, and the detector beeps emitted gradually reduced, how very human right, I believe that with such a compact and fully functional testing tool will bring it to a repair Great benefits.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Maintenance of good Wiper clearly seen to be more secure

For the complex structure of the car, the wiper is a very humble parts, but for the owners, this is the key one relates to traffic safety, especially in the summer season of frequent rain, wiper almost every day use, can work at any time to play its due role in safeguarding the vital perspective, and this fact with the owners of the routine maintenance and use of skills are closely related.

     1, regular cleaning and check wiper
     Rainy season, often in the rain wiper work, naturally susceptible to rain erosion, while in the hot sun exposure, aging is also very easy, therefore, to develop a regular cleaning and check wiper good habits is essential.
     When it comes to cleaning, the easiest way is when you wash, use ordinary water to clean the wiper wiper blade along a direction to erase the stain on the wiper blade while flushing. But do remember, do not use high-pressure water spray a pass in front of the wiper mess, do not use detergent and other cleaning agents make rubber aging, if indeed there is a need, it is recommended to clean the wiper strip with a thin wet towel and glass cleaning fluid .
     Check the wiper of the method is very simple, spray some cleaning solution, and then the wiper switch is in position at various speeds, checking different speeds, wiper whether to maintain a certain speed. Meanwhile, Ford VCM II for sale also check the wiper wiper state, including work if there is vibration and noise, as well as whether the wiper strut swing uneven or missing scratch phenomenon exists when these two failures of any kind, means wiper blades have been damaged or aging, it is time to be replaced with a new strip up.
     2, stand under the hot sun to stop the wiper
     Automotive Wiper temperature by heat, frequent rainfall will affect the impact of its life, it is easy to make a strong rubber softening temperature, deformation, long-term effect will naturally cause great damage to the material, such as distortion or loss of elasticity. So we have to try to avoid over exposure of the car in the sun, try to put up wiper, wiper strip to avoid contact with the hot glass, slowing the rate of aging and prolong the life of the wiper. Unfortunately, this little trick I'm afraid we still today it is rarely enforced.
     Further, when parking the vehicle for a long time after the start, it is recommended to clean out the owner first wiper strip on the glass surface and the attachment of impurities, such as debris in the wiper work with rubber to increase the glass between friction, thereby scratching the glass surface, scraping unclear phenomenon. When the high-speed finish, sand or insects found windscreen stained corpses are not recommended to use the wipers to wipe, you should use a dedicated wet towel on the car windshield clean.
     It is worth mentioning that, remember to maintain a good car sprinkler system, promptly filled with water, can be added to neutral, decontamination, cleaning agents lubrication to avoid dry spray the motor running. The owners at the time of using the car wiper, do be careful not to let the wiper dry scraping glass, not only because it is likely to cause damage to the wiper, there may scratch the windscreen.
     3, wiper six months or once a year for the best
     Common Symptoms include wiper blades scraping dirty, beat or noise, these symptoms are likely to be caused by aging strip wiper blade, then they should consider replacing the wiper.
     According to expert advice, the best wiper blades should be replaced once six months to a year, because even in dry sunny weather, because the texture of the rubber wiper blade itself or it can not avoid the harsh environment outside of aging, so this point we need owners attention. In addition, the proposed daily cleaning vehicle owners choose cars special cleaning agents, especially different Never mix cleaning agents, or likely to produce rubber wiper corrosive chemicals cause damage to the wiper
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Protect car maintenance car horn throat

Remember the car must be some Triangle seized it? Where are you regarded it usually placed? You can do the proper use Triangle it? Now let us compare eleven correct use is consistent with your practice?
Car warning triangle, reflective material is made ​​from plastic passive reflectors, the driver ran into unexpected trouble parking maintenance or accidents when using the reply reflective warning triangle performance, and can alert other vehicles Note avoidance, in order to avoid secondary accidents.
     Different forms of car horns classification:
     Car speakers pronounce their gas powered electric horn speaker of the points;
     By the appearance of a spiral-shaped, cylindrical and bowl-shaped three categories;
     The audio can be divided according to the treble and bass trumpet;
     According to the wiring system can be divided into single-line and two-wire speaker;
     Contacts can be divided according to whether there is contact type (normal type) electric horn and non-contact type (electronic) electric horn.
     Among them, the air horn is mainly used for heavy duty vehicles with air brakes, the electric horn has a simple structure, small size, light weight, sound sweet and easy maintenance features, which has been widely used in small and medium sized vehicles.
     How to maintain a car horn?
     (1) keep the speaker looks clean, all the wiring to be reliable.
     (2) regular checks, tighten the speaker and bracket fixing screws, to ensure its reliable grounding.
     Fixing method (3) a greater impact on its speaker pronunciation. In order to make the speaker sound normal, do not rigidly mounted speakers, which stand to be fixed on the buffer, that is, between the speaker and the mounting bracket to be fitted with leaf springs or rubber mats.
     (4) Always check the generator output voltage. Voltage is too high will burn horn contact, low voltage (below the speaker's rated voltage) speakers will emit abnormal sounds.
     (5) Wash, rinse water can not be directly megaphone to avoid leaving water into the speakers do not sound the horn.
     (6) in the maintenance of the speaker, should pay attention to the position of each metal pad and insulation pads, non-installed wrong.
     (7) shall not exceed speakers pronounce consecutive 10s, so as not to damage the speakers.
     (8) can not be all kinds of foreign objects into the speaker, to avoid abnormal sound.
     Troubleshooting car horn also now how to exclude?
     Speaker does not ring or hoarseness mainly due to lack of save electricity with battery, horn relay and buttons damaged, damage to the speaker and so on. Follows:
     1, check the horn chirp, if the song does not feel crisp, low and weak, mostly poor contact.
     2, repeatedly pressing the horn switch, if the horn sounds sometimes, sometimes not ringing, press contacts, mostly bad contact switch inside.
     3, turn the steering wheel left and right, if there is a large "hissing" sound of friction, you can contact the relevant parts of the injection of some grease.
     4, if the speaker does not sound completely, first check to see if the fuse blows, then unplug the speaker plug, measured with a multimeter here when the horn switch has power. If there is no power, check the speaker wiring harness and horn relay; If there is power, it is the speaker itself is the problem, then you can try to adjust the adjusting nut on the horn to see if sound, if you still do not ring, you need to replace the speaker.
     5, if the horn chirp boring, there is likely to be the speaker's own fault, then just knocked speakers, most of them can be improved. Other reasons are poor contact, especially around the steering wheel lines, the use of frequent, easily lead to wear and tear.
     6, Mifengbuyan easy to damp, although the internal speakers is closed, but if Mifengbuyan went to the car wash, easy access to the interior space of airborne mist or water vapor, water vapor will likely cause damp contacts does not work .
     7, the work of the speaker in the car low, and the work on the battery, if the battery's energy is reduced, then the sound of the horn is also reduced, to check the battery charge capacity is normal.
     Daily use of car horns note:
     1 Remember when washing to prevent the speakers get wet, dry as soon as the water found in the horn with air gun.
     2 Try not always long honk the horn contacts so easily lead to premature ablation.
     3 speaker fails try to seek professional help repair technician, do not blindly replace the speaker, likely to cause unnecessary waste.
     Car horn use traffic regulations:
     1, motor vehicle approaching sharp bends, etc. affect the safety of the top of the ramp sections and overtaking sight or the event of an emergency, should slow down and honk to indicate.
     2, the front of the vehicle in case the vehicle is parked or driving slowly while waiting in line, waiting or turn driving should not enter non-motor vehicle lanes, sidewalks driving, urging shall honking vehicles and pedestrians.
     In other words, the role of car horns, is a special section of the advance warning, the warning of some emergency situations, in order to ensure traffic safety.
     Summary: car horn is used when a device driver frequently, often monosyllabic If you use, the sound quality is poor, and the good times and bad, and sometimes simply does not ring failure, caused much inconvenience to the owners. Car horn does not sound or abnormal sound how to do? How to carry out routine maintenance car horn speaker and self-repair when the failure occurs, you should distinguish between the speaker's own line failure or malfunction.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Car will "lose his temper" ,elaborate three kinds of maintenance methods

Now the car has become a necessity in our lives, we go out essential transport. But the car occasionally noisy little temper in life, some glitches in the owners simply are not aware of it. So today we will talk about the owners about vehicle maintenance and repair approach.
     Each owner will not guarantee their cars not a little wrong, when the car "angry" creeping some small problems when their owners should be how to do it? Here we've put together three of their owners automotive repair method a little restraint temper. Together we learn about it.
     Tires were slashed
     Car tires were slashed is what often happens in life, and car tires were slashed tend to occur very suddenly. So the owner to traffic safety experts recommended that owners of foreign mend afterwards to find a professional tire repair shop for the fill. After the internal and the need to disassemble the tire with a professional tool to disassemble the tire off the wheel to find the broken hole, using the dedicated hot vulcanizing machine heating up. Digiprog III V4.88 Odometer Programmer With Full Software New Release
     Fuel consumption surge
     Automotive fuel consumption problem is something the owners were very concerned that if the owners were in the car when the car's fuel consumption suddenly found a lot more than usual, then the description of the car itself is a problem. The reason for this generally leads to a rapid increase in fuel consumption may be due to slipping clutch, automobile engine tachometer motivation increased rapidly resulting in a surge in fuel consumption.
     Brake failure
     Brake failure is not a small thing, it relates to their owners small traffic safety, so owners who want to learn in life how to exclude brake failure, there are three methods of continuous brake pedal to see there is no air brake system. The second is the case of successive foot brake is not working is because of improved brake gap is too large. Third brake pedal, not weak unsinkable, but that poor braking effect, this phenomenon is the wheel brake failure.
     The usual small car can easily lead to failure when the car is moving to the owners at risk, so they should be timely for the owners of these small problems repaired. Assurance that their driving safety.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

How To Repair your ECU

Someone great once said, “Necessity is the mother of all invention” (Plato). Well, I don’t claim to be Plato, but I do have the High Honors of possessing “Necessity”. That brings me to my point.
While Dad and I were working on this 1988 YJ project, we developed “necessity”. The Jeep was purchased with a suspect computer and wiring problem and in a non running condition. An eBay Wiring harness and ECU made short work of that “no run state” and the project rolled on.
I would like to share what I found and what was done to REPAIR the ECU chip tuning. If only one person can gain from this experience, I would feel like our blessing could be passed along to another in need.
First the basics: 1989 YJ, 2.5 4 Cylinder, Throttle Body Injection, Manual 5 speed.
Failure Symptoms: Fuel Pump Runs continuously with key turned from Off to ON position, No Spark, No Fuel Pulse at TB Injector.
ECU’s - common Part No. EF8953005023 (and the Renix 9-2099)
Renix (Remanufactured; original unit in Jeep, a non running purchase)
Bendix (eBay + Harness, worked when installed. Until…)
Siemens X2, (eBay purchase, seller sent two “just in case”. Both NOGO)
And I suppose a disclaimer is needed for those fool hearty enough not to realize if all goes well, they will be repairing a component that in not supposed to be repairable. Follow These Directions At your Own Risk; I am not responsible for what you do to your Jeep. …sorry
Early in the troubleshooting process I became fully convinced that the ECU was the point of failure. I eventually wound up having 4 ECU’s in hand and with nothing else to loose, coupled with the fact of being too stubborn to pay retail for a New Computer just to put it in and possibly toast it, (read no return on electrical parts) I had to go with my gut and crack them open.
Tools needed for the job:
TORX 10 & 20
Soldering Tool & Resin Core Solder (de-soldering may be necessary)

Here we are set up for the job…

The ECU is removed from the mounting bracket and the back cover is removed. The cover is held on by four Torx 10 screws. What I found in all cases was a heat damaged printed circuit board and or a diode.

This picture shows one board with a damaged Trace, the connection between Pin 3 on the main connector and the diode at position D35. Second picture marked for clarity.

A Multi-Meter set to Ohm’s can confirm no continuity resulting in an open trace.

This can also be performed easier from the bottom of the board.

To remove board from housing, remove the 4 - torx 10 at red circles and 1- Torx 20 at green circle. Lift board carefully from opposite side of main connector, do not bend PCB. (Poor picture sorry)

This is a picture of a damaged diode. Picture taken after de-soldering from ECU. This metered a value of .492 and was BAD, another was metered “open”, also bad.

This is a GOOD diode, meter value at 1.522 and another measured the same, these were the two boards I repaired.

The Renix remanufactured unit had a Heavy Duty looking diode installed when it was remanufactured, who knows when. I quickly realized that if the printed circuit was restored, it was highly likely that all would be good! Time to repair the open trace.

Carefully make a jumper wire from your choice stock, CAT5 in my case; this will be used to restore the open circuit.

Lay it in and size it up to fit before soldering. Double check that you are making the correct connections!

Here is the Jumper after being soldered to correct pins.

A covering of Hot Glue provides both insulation and protection.

And lastly a quick check to verify operation. If you’ve made it this far, I hope you are as blessed as we were! Running Jeep, Priceless!
After testing, the unit was remounted into the outer case and reinstalled into the Jeep.

Final testing and “The Payoff”, Road Trip… (Ahh, life is good!) “Dad in his Jeep YJ”

Two ECU’s repaired - the fix; using the repaired Trace method. I will be looking for replacement diodes to mount into the two remaining ECU’s. I am confident that this will resolve their conditions as well.
I am also pretty certain that the weak connection or no connection at the starter relay main lug and the fusible links were the contributing factors in this particular failure. These were also completely redone while waiting for the mailman. Note: Pin 3 on the main ECU connector is identified in the FSM as Starter Switch.our shop:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Automotive repair knowledge: Misunderstanding car needs attention

In the automotive repair to note that there are many, but some problems in the car owners, like their first hands-on treatment, the repair process will often use the wrong means to handle their own maintenance vehicles, the following describes some common editing car repair errors.
     Do not give the tire bolts and nuts oiled

     Tighten the bolts and nuts, mutual self-locking feature. And after greased, self-locking coefficient between the two is smaller, self-locking performance. In the car at high speed, it is easy to loose bolts and nuts and even fall off, causing traffic accidents.
     Do not rinse the car
     Delphi ds150e
     Cab structure needed to make the cab floor cushion below the groove, through holes very much. After washing with water, or deposited in the groove is not easy to dry, rust or flow from the through hole on the gearbox and other components. Particularly good sealing performance cars but can not be directly rinsed with water inside the body.
     Different brands of coolant do not mix
     The chemical properties of the coolant may be differences between different brands, such as ferrous metals effective preservative, but often have a corrosive effect on aluminum products; whereas for aluminum alloy preservatives are harmful to the alloy.
     Do not step on the gas when the car starts EFI
     Before starting the engine kicks stepped on the accelerator, is the habit of many drivers, especially in the winter when the cold start. However, this method is not suitable for EFI boot cars. Engine is equipped with electronically controlled fuel injection device is different from ordinary carbureted engine, its fuel injection control device according to engine temperature, fuel supply is automatically adjusted operating conditions, the engine starts smoothly, that the cold start time, injection control device can automatically increase the amount of oil.
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