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Protect car maintenance car horn throat

Remember the car must be some Triangle seized it? Where are you regarded it usually placed? You can do the proper use Triangle it? Now let us compare eleven correct use is consistent with your practice?
Car warning triangle, reflective material is made ​​from plastic passive reflectors, the driver ran into unexpected trouble parking maintenance or accidents when using the reply reflective warning triangle performance, and can alert other vehicles Note avoidance, in order to avoid secondary accidents.
     Different forms of car horns classification:
     Car speakers pronounce their gas powered electric horn speaker of the points;
     By the appearance of a spiral-shaped, cylindrical and bowl-shaped three categories;
     The audio can be divided according to the treble and bass trumpet;
     According to the wiring system can be divided into single-line and two-wire speaker;
     Contacts can be divided according to whether there is contact type (normal type) electric horn and non-contact type (electronic) electric horn.
     Among them, the air horn is mainly used for heavy duty vehicles with air brakes, the electric horn has a simple structure, small size, light weight, sound sweet and easy maintenance features, which has been widely used in small and medium sized vehicles.
     How to maintain a car horn?
     (1) keep the speaker looks clean, all the wiring to be reliable.
     (2) regular checks, tighten the speaker and bracket fixing screws, to ensure its reliable grounding.
     Fixing method (3) a greater impact on its speaker pronunciation. In order to make the speaker sound normal, do not rigidly mounted speakers, which stand to be fixed on the buffer, that is, between the speaker and the mounting bracket to be fitted with leaf springs or rubber mats.
     (4) Always check the generator output voltage. Voltage is too high will burn horn contact, low voltage (below the speaker's rated voltage) speakers will emit abnormal sounds.
     (5) Wash, rinse water can not be directly megaphone to avoid leaving water into the speakers do not sound the horn.
     (6) in the maintenance of the speaker, should pay attention to the position of each metal pad and insulation pads, non-installed wrong.
     (7) shall not exceed speakers pronounce consecutive 10s, so as not to damage the speakers.
     (8) can not be all kinds of foreign objects into the speaker, to avoid abnormal sound.
     Troubleshooting car horn also now how to exclude?
     Speaker does not ring or hoarseness mainly due to lack of save electricity with battery, horn relay and buttons damaged, damage to the speaker and so on. Follows:
     1, check the horn chirp, if the song does not feel crisp, low and weak, mostly poor contact.
     2, repeatedly pressing the horn switch, if the horn sounds sometimes, sometimes not ringing, press contacts, mostly bad contact switch inside.
     3, turn the steering wheel left and right, if there is a large "hissing" sound of friction, you can contact the relevant parts of the injection of some grease.
     4, if the speaker does not sound completely, first check to see if the fuse blows, then unplug the speaker plug, measured with a multimeter here when the horn switch has power. If there is no power, check the speaker wiring harness and horn relay; If there is power, it is the speaker itself is the problem, then you can try to adjust the adjusting nut on the horn to see if sound, if you still do not ring, you need to replace the speaker.
     5, if the horn chirp boring, there is likely to be the speaker's own fault, then just knocked speakers, most of them can be improved. Other reasons are poor contact, especially around the steering wheel lines, the use of frequent, easily lead to wear and tear.
     6, Mifengbuyan easy to damp, although the internal speakers is closed, but if Mifengbuyan went to the car wash, easy access to the interior space of airborne mist or water vapor, water vapor will likely cause damp contacts does not work .
     7, the work of the speaker in the car low, and the work on the battery, if the battery's energy is reduced, then the sound of the horn is also reduced, to check the battery charge capacity is normal.
     Daily use of car horns note:
     1 Remember when washing to prevent the speakers get wet, dry as soon as the water found in the horn with air gun.
     2 Try not always long honk the horn contacts so easily lead to premature ablation.
     3 speaker fails try to seek professional help repair technician, do not blindly replace the speaker, likely to cause unnecessary waste.
     Car horn use traffic regulations:
     1, motor vehicle approaching sharp bends, etc. affect the safety of the top of the ramp sections and overtaking sight or the event of an emergency, should slow down and honk to indicate.
     2, the front of the vehicle in case the vehicle is parked or driving slowly while waiting in line, waiting or turn driving should not enter non-motor vehicle lanes, sidewalks driving, urging shall honking vehicles and pedestrians.
     In other words, the role of car horns, is a special section of the advance warning, the warning of some emergency situations, in order to ensure traffic safety.
     Summary: car horn is used when a device driver frequently, often monosyllabic If you use, the sound quality is poor, and the good times and bad, and sometimes simply does not ring failure, caused much inconvenience to the owners. Car horn does not sound or abnormal sound how to do? How to carry out routine maintenance car horn speaker and self-repair when the failure occurs, you should distinguish between the speaker's own line failure or malfunction.
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