Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Automotive repair knowledge: Misunderstanding car needs attention

In the automotive repair to note that there are many, but some problems in the car owners, like their first hands-on treatment, the repair process will often use the wrong means to handle their own maintenance vehicles, the following describes some common editing car repair errors.
     Do not give the tire bolts and nuts oiled

     Tighten the bolts and nuts, mutual self-locking feature. And after greased, self-locking coefficient between the two is smaller, self-locking performance. In the car at high speed, it is easy to loose bolts and nuts and even fall off, causing traffic accidents.
     Do not rinse the car
     Delphi ds150e
     Cab structure needed to make the cab floor cushion below the groove, through holes very much. After washing with water, or deposited in the groove is not easy to dry, rust or flow from the through hole on the gearbox and other components. Particularly good sealing performance cars but can not be directly rinsed with water inside the body.
     Different brands of coolant do not mix
     The chemical properties of the coolant may be differences between different brands, such as ferrous metals effective preservative, but often have a corrosive effect on aluminum products; whereas for aluminum alloy preservatives are harmful to the alloy.
     Do not step on the gas when the car starts EFI
     Before starting the engine kicks stepped on the accelerator, is the habit of many drivers, especially in the winter when the cold start. However, this method is not suitable for EFI boot cars. Engine is equipped with electronically controlled fuel injection device is different from ordinary carbureted engine, its fuel injection control device according to engine temperature, fuel supply is automatically adjusted operating conditions, the engine starts smoothly, that the cold start time, injection control device can automatically increase the amount of oil.
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