Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Automotive Digital Diagnostic Tools Ignition System Quick detectors

COP ignition system fast detector is a portable, handheld detector ignition system car diagnostic scanner. It can be simply and quickly detect COP ignition system (ignition coil and spark plug in-one) in the ignition coils and spark plugs are firing properly. Detector can trigger its work by the secondary coil of the ignition signal. When the signal is received, the detector can detect the COP ignition voltage (peak voltage or a voltage of combustion) and combustion time (spark duration) is normal. When the ignition voltage is normal, red strobe light-emitting diodes will flash. Arcing duration is normal, green strobe light-emitting diodes will flash. Red strobe flashing light-emitting diode continuous and regular and accompanied by a beep, indicating that the ignition voltage is normal. Does not reflect or to reflect the ongoing show ignition coil ignition voltage is not enough.
diagnostic tool
This product can easily detect the following faults:
     1) spark plug gap is dirty or inappropriate
     2) or the connection line is damaged or corroded
     3) Coil car computer failure or malfunction
     Green strobe flashing light-emitting diode continuous and regular shows that the burning time is normal. Or does not reflect persistent flashes to indicate that the burning time is not normal.
     The measuring device can detect asked causes:
     1) ignition coil short
     2) there is resistance or open circuit failure in the primary or the secondary coil
     3) coil failure
     Without the use of detectors shutdown for about 2 minutes, the automatic shutdown. Off the first two strobe flashing LED lights, and the detector beeps emitted gradually reduced, how very human right, I believe that with such a compact and fully functional testing tool will bring it to a repair Great benefits.
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