Sunday, June 29, 2014

Since the end of OBD: the road leading to large number of data pits?

In the OBD insurance mode, the maximum value achieved mainly through OBD vehicle monitoring lies. Its meaning is more like a car black box, with the help of the owners driving habits, mileage and other key information with the real-time control to achieve premium rate difference, if there is an accident, the insurance company can understand the dangerous condition of the equipment before the vehicle accident running, determine responsibility for the accident. For large quantities, can provide customers with fast access to model driving behavior, the insurance company may take a free way to promote vehicle OBD, combined with advertising and marketing value-added model.
     Until today, did not appear "Paul T" the first case in the true sense. Why is it so difficult hand? After all, the reason for not touched upon is difficult for you to meet the core needs of the other side!
     Car OBD auto insurance industry to bring how to give practical benefits? Insurance companies need in the end is what kind of data? Based on the difference auto insurance rates to achieve the purpose of the reform, insurance companies require at least the following three types of data:
     1, obtained by G-sensor data
     G-sensor, the English name Gravity-sensor, acceleration sensor is meant, it is a special high-tech components, can perceive changes in acceleration, acceleration is when the role of the object during acceleration forces on the object, such as shaking, falling, rising, falling and other mobile G-sensor changes can be perceived.
     By G-sensor, accelerometer can monitor vehicle owners involved in bad driving habits, such as braking, rapid acceleration and sharp turns, accidents also can manage the process. In the event of a collision, in order to prevent potentially fraudulent, insurance companies need accurate ruled an accident from which direction the vehicle is hit, whether the comic impact within milliseconds, repeated impact, whether tumbling after impact? By the acceleration and direction changes can be determined whether a collision, the impact from the front or from behind. With these data indicate that these processes are real accident occurred.
     2, Can-bus protocol cracked read information
     For the insurance company, you want to get to the impact of auto insurance payment data, you must also master the owners of bad driving habits, such as "cornering lights do not fight, do not pull the handbrake in the car, lock the car does not close the window closed, not wearing a seatbelt ...... "and so forth, OBD diagnostic trouble codes ordinary unable to provide, more is needed to break the original car's proprietary protocol.
     Bus on many types of vehicles, such as high as 500kpbs speed Canbus, or low-speed 100kbps Canbus, there are other K-line, VPW, PWM, etc., system objects connected not only with the engine ECU, ABSECU, SRSECU, instrument cluster, etc. , including centralized control locks, power windows, mirrors, lights and other car inside; there may also have intelligent communication system for satellite navigation.
     Throughout the body by the sensor, various vehicle traveling data is sent to the "bus", these data do not specify a unique receiver, all the data receiving side needs to have the required information can be read from the "bus" . In other words, you can get to by Canbus include "door windows, lights, brakes, gears, air conditioning, radar, ignition, flame, speed, fuel consumption, safety belt" and other information with the state, but because of the protection of the depot this part of the car belonging to a proprietary protocol data requires an illegal break. The workload is very large, the need for each model of each car brand even do development. But even that got the data must also bear a very big legal risk.
     3, the information acquired by the GPS
     A normal commuting daily on the city's A owners and a walking tour route daily in Yunnan B owner, the higher the risk of lower? Glance evident. In the course of the accident, the owner at what time, what place concrete collided, to be accurate to people, things, conduct accident payment management, insurance companies need to obtain location information through GPS data and mileage of the vehicle. Obviously, this part of the information is not necessarily in order to get through the OBD interface. Common GPS can calculate mileage and obtain location information, and data through the OBD interface than the "average speed * travel time" mileage calculations are more accurate, error basically controlled within 5%.
     From the bottom: the data behind the gorgeous pit father
     The above data needed for the insurance companies, the current OBD Can not achieved? Yes, of course! Universal OBD not do nothing, but careful scrutiny, you will find all sorts of data pits father behind these gorgeous:
     (1) Fault code data value just like chicken
     As already mentioned, OBD-II main function is to provide diagnostic trouble codes, when failure occurs emissions, ECU fault information and records related code, and a warning through the fault lights. Generally speaking, OBD2 trouble codes by a letter and four digits. As shown in the picture below, the majority of OBD manufacturers can only get to "PO/P2/P3400-P3FFF generic fault code information, the other for car manufacturers custom fault code information, and only to the original diagnosis., For example in terms of Volkswagen car the whole car has 15,000 fault codes, and generic fault codes less than 3000, accounting for only one-fifth of the vehicle can not meet the diagnostic requirements.
     In fact, most of the generic fault code information is of little significance for the owner, or to the public generic fault codes, for example, "P0001 representative of the amount of fuel regulator control circuit / open, P025A representative of the fuel pump module control circuit / open circuit, P0103 a representative of the air flow sensor circuit high ...... "is not it a bit being around dizzy? In general, is to detect include power systems, chassis systems, communication systems, body systems part of common faults. This information is for the safety of the vehicle does not have any influence, real-time fault will be displayed on the dashboard, such as air bags, seat belts, high water temperature and other issues will directly reminder. When these data are not driven cold passion owners used the occasion just like chicken, but also to attract what about the insurance companies?

Friday, June 27, 2014

GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Tool

GM MDI GM factory dedicated detector, initially introduced Pass - Thru programming capabilities. It performs Pass - Thru programming since 1993 to the present and even the future of all models. All cars GM mini MDI must be selected to perform the audit on the 2009 models. Diagnostic software as General Motors announced fourth quarter 2008 in a small MDI.
Start time of diagnosis, MINI MDI still remote data logging. This feature can record data during the road test, similar to Tech2 snapshot function. A trigger switch connector that is used for this purpose. As requested, the programming process should comply with SAE (American Association of Motor Vehicle Engineers) specify the protocol J2534, GM SPS software from this agreement in accordance with, GM MINI MDI is also part of the agreement to comply with applicable J2534 GM's.
Tech2 future
Tech2 is still an essential tool for the production of at least 2,010 vehicles. Universal Mini MDI will not support the introduction of diagnostic functions in the past. And, Tech2 will continue to be diagnosed prior year models. Remote programming and Tech2 will continue to support all of 2007 with an annual output models. Will provide additional information in the future.
Meanwhile diagnostic scope includes all 96 to 2010 Vauxhall / Opel models, it uses the latest GDS (Global Diagnostic System) is a new module ASTRA J and INSIGNIA, as well as all other models TECH2WIN software. Prior to this, Tech2 GDS tool requires the latest version of the software, but you have to have the latest ASTRA J and INSIGNIA, it is a fully functional Tech2 simulator, so you get the same functionality and Tech2 (including all).
Mini MDI Tech2 faster than 20-70%, because there are no added Tech2 ASTRA J / INSIGNIA software, is an important reason for you to experience the latest features Mini MDI module. The system can also be used to update Tech2 to the latest version of the software, to ensure adequate security and programmatic access. It also includes all of the wiring diagrams, information services, inspection procedures, working hours, part look like.
GM MDI factory Chang Road Technology provides diagnostic equipment module function
1.GDS original software, a powerful and comprehensive detection, testing powertrain, body and chassis
2 supports all common cars after 2008, including the North American GM, Shanghai GM.
3 supports wired and Wi-Fi
4.2007 support maintenance mode programming Pass-Thru
5.2008 support vehicle diagnostics and online programming
6. Reduce maintenance programming time, GMLAN communication protocol ECU programming time is currently using Tech2 1/3
7 can LaCrosse, road statue electronic throttle programming
Detector configuration
1.MDI communication module
2.OBD2 wiring
3 lines
4.USB wiring
5 power supply, software
"GM MDI factory" relevant information provided by the, edit, reproduced please specify, thank you.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Attention when use the easydiag

The easydiag android app you can download on google app store:
EasyDiag is a portable and economy vehicle trouble diagnostic device developed by Launch for vehicle maintenance technician.
Precautions on operating vehicle’s ECU
Do not disconnect the vehicle inner consume when the ignition switch is on, so as to avoid the sensors or the ECU damage. Do not place the magnetic object near the ECU in order to avoid the failure of the circuitry and components. Do cut off the

power supply of ECU system before welding on the vehicle. Pay more attention to the ECU and the sensors when the operation is next to them. Ground yourself when you disassemble PROM, otherwise ECU and sensors will be damaged by static

electricity. Do connect ECU harness connector firmly, otherwise electronic elements, such as IC inside ECU, will be damaged.

Precautions on operation
The instrument is a precision electronic instrument. Pay more attention when in use, do not have it dashed.
The equipment power is supplied by 12v battery voltage; do not use other voltage power.
Turn off the ignition switch when connect or disconnect the diagnostic connector.
Do not keep EasyDiag Pin Connector plugged into your vehicle overnight, be sure to always remove connector once testing and/or diagnosis is complete. Failure to do so may result in drained or weakened battery
EasyDiag, based on iOS/Android operation system design, research and development, is an internet vehicle trouble diagnosis tester customized for mobile intelligent trminals. After being connected with mobile terminal through Bluetooth, it achieves for LAUNCH Diagnostic Tool serial product the full diagnostic functions, which include reading DTCs(diagnosis trouble code), clearing DTCs, reading data stream, action test and special functions,Meanwhile, through your intelligent mobile terminal, you can access internet to get your demanded information, share and exchange information, etc
Note: before operating, you need to log in software first.

If your Android phone’s Bluetooth is closed, a request as Fig4.1 will be seen once open the software,Select “yes” to turn on Bluetooth, or you can not communicate with EasyDiag After selection, you will see some illustrations; glance down these
illustrations by sliding the screen to left can make you have a general understanding for the use of the software. The next step, you will see the disclaimer which contains some precautions and warnings about using, please read it carefully.
When reading is finished, click “I’ve read it” to enter login interface, see Fig4.3. If you don’t want to read this again, choose “Don’t show this again”; the disclaimer will not appear next time. Please login before starting to operate. Click “Login” to open login

Sunday, June 22, 2014

INEMO designed detector design is based on vehicle safety

Currently, the number of car ownership in the community more and more. Meanwhile, the frequency of occurrence of the accident is also increasing. The project is based on INEMO semiconductor design a more humane automotive safety detector, the detector with its powerful features for people to be able to offer many convenient services. In the course of traveling cars, the detector can automatically detect the degree of turbulence and cars traveling road speed. When this index exceeds a critical value, the detector through voice broadcast system for the driver prompted the driver to slow down. At the same time, the detector is also capable of receiving data from the temperature sensor portion of the tire, and a processing frequency on the temperature displayed on the display, so the driver can monitor the working conditions of the vehicle tires in real time, to avoid puncture dangerous. In addition, the function of the maximum detector is its ability to simulate the vehicle driving state, the vehicle driving state is displayed visually on the computer interface, to provide a new driver to enjoy driving.
In the hot summer, if the driver is not able to keep abreast of changes in the temperature of the car tires and take appropriate protective measures, is likely to make the car dangerous puncture in the process of moving, for family and friends have a certain security threats. When the car is cornering or driving on uneven road, the driver is not able to clearly understand the performance aspects of the car. If the angular velocity or speed is too large, the risk of rollovers may make the car appear. If we can design a security detector, appeared before the car situation, through a certain test, to remind the driver, the driver in real time to facilitate understanding of the working conditions of the car, so that we can largely reduce the accident frequency.
Functional requirements skp-900
Based INEMO designed automotive safety detector, with a very powerful feature. First, it can accept data from temperature sensors car tires out, the data displayed on the screen, so that the driver can readily grasp of car tires at the temperature changes, and alert the driver to make the appropriate protection against puncture dangerous. Secondly, the security of the detector can also be readily measured vehicle speed and the degree of turbulence, and the detected data is displayed, when the degree of turbulence over the risk indicators of the detector will be a prompt, a driver's decelerating slow. Meanwhile, the detector capable of detecting the angular velocity of the car and the angular acceleration during cornering, and calculates to be subjected to centrifugal force and the centrifugal force of the car is now sold. When the car suffered centrifugal force is greater than the maximum friction is the automobile, the detector can be early warning to avoid the risk of rollover. In addition, the detector is also able to simulate the running state of the car, and the frequency on the display, so that the driver brings a whole new driving experience, while driving at any time be able to enjoy a lot of fun .
Performance standards
When the temperature reaches the set car tires tire maximum permissible temperature, the system will automatically alarm.
When the car is cornering suffered centrifugal force is greater than the maximum frictional force is set, the system will automatically alarm.
When a large extent bumpy car driving, more than the body can withstand the maximum, automatic alarm system.
Vehicle driving state can be displayed on the visual microprocessor, a driver in order to better understand the working conditions of the vehicle.
System functions can be implemented
In this system, INEMO will accept temperature from the temperature sensor is part of automobile tires, automobile tires in real time the temperature is displayed. In normal driving the car, the detector can detect the speed and acceleration of the current car, while calculating the degree of turbulence cars currently traveling. When the car at the corner intersection, the system is also able to detect angular velocity and the angular velocity of the car turning, and timely data will be displayed on the Lcd. When these data exceeds a certain indicators, the system will activate the alarm system to remind the driver, the driver in real time in order to facilitate understanding of the working conditions of the car, and make timely protective measures to avoid unnecessary losses. On the basis of these functions, the point of the maximum detector innovation is that it be able to simulate the vehicle driving state. The detector capable of velocity, angular velocity and turbulence degree car data acquisition. Then, the detector will send the data to the host computer. After the host computer receives the data, a certain integration signal to the integration of C interface built up. Then, the car model built by the interface with the current state of the auto show, in order to achieve the simulation of the car, the driver can be more intuitive understanding of the working conditions of the car, the driver provides a new driving experience vas 5054a.
During system operation, the sensors are to work. Wherein the temperature sensor and the pressure sensor in the part of the tire, the tire temperature and tire pressure monitoring in real time and transmitted via wireless transmission to the microcontroller port; the remaining sensors are disposed below the front end module as a vehicle, wherein a two-axis gyroscope, and a one-axis gyroscope with real-time monitoring of all places of the body angular speed bumps, including front and rear, left and right and up and down the six azimuth data, the other is a two-axis gyroscope to detect the angular velocity of the car when cornering, as this module data then transmitted via the USB interface to the microcontroller; transmitted to the microcontroller on a variety of data to go through the appropriate amplifier handle, and then make the appropriate A / D conversion, converted to corresponding digital signal, and then again after each value with the respective threshold comparison, if greater than the threshold value, the system will prompt the driver to the voice and displayed in each of the parameter values ​​in each of the sensors relative to the LCD and the value is immediately sent to the simulator, and the simulator to simulate the car motion. Then the driver can make preventive measures in accordance with the actual situation.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Car keys,the purchase price proportional to the car

Mr. Hao Rui Gao owners accidentally lost car keys, and later by the dealer to the factory orders with the key. However, from order to get the key, wait two weeks before Mr. Gao. A key is actually to go with for so long? This allows Mr. Gao did not understand. Also let him do not understand is that a little key, actually want to spend nearly $ 3,000. An inconspicuous car keys, is so expensive, we might take a look at its replacement cost is what the composition.
Proportional to the price and the purchase price with a spoon
"How expensive with the keys, usually with matched Keys, also 10 dollars, which turned out to be 3000 yuan car keys." Mr. Gao said. Mr. Shaw was driving the car is a Skoda Hao Rui, had landed spent nearly 300,000 yuan. Reporters interviewed the staff of the 4S shop, with key staff said the price is fixed headquarters, they have no right to change, customers are unable to do so.
Reporter consulted a number of 4S stores downtown and found the car keys generally worth a lot of money, with the key prices and the prices of basic proportional. Most of 4S shop with key offer in 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan, the price of some high-end models with the key even up to 8000 yuan. In Volkswagen Jetta, for example, with the key quotes 4S shop given 1,500 yuan; part of a joint venture brand compact car like Vios, carnival, with a key price of about 1,000 yuan; 300,000 -50 million level luxury cars, with the key prices generally above 3,000 yuan.
Your car keys in the "technology fee"
A sale manager of FAW-Volkswagen 4S shop, said Lo, each key has a password, the password matches the high cost. Some mid-alone joint venture brands spend a remote key at least 1,500 yuan or more, and some luxury brand models alone is the key necessary to 3,000 yuan or more. If the owners choose to change the whole lock, then spend a lot more expensive than a single change keys, like the BMW SUV change the whole lock a section close to $ 10,000.
Some high-end imported cars with keys and destroy the original key in the production process needs to be completed. Such imports Audi and BMW models to be imported in Germany, so costs are generated on these costs, the price will be so expensive. In addition, high-end cars to crack the code matches the level and higher, so prices naturally increase. For some models, it may be the ignition switch, doors, rear doors, the glove box door, fuel tank cap, engine cover all use the same key to open, if the replacement vehicle locks, then the site would need to be replaced more, and costs will naturally increase.
In addition, Mr. Luo told reporters, changing locks with keys and the time spent is not how long, generally two or three hours to complete. However, according to different models of different levels of security keys, write code, and match needs to spend some time. Some high-end models with the key needs to make reservations in advance to determine the chassis number of different codes and other information based on different models, so when a customer key is broken or lost, under normal circumstances can not quickly get the key. Individual luxury brand because of the need to carry back to the origin with the key business superobd, may be stretched to a two-month period.
4S shop suggestions:
Lost the key lock is best for the whole
Then, once the key is lost, is not equipped with a key like it? Still need to replace the whole lock it? Mr Lo said that for security reasons, it is recommended that consumers new key match after a good idea to replace the vehicle locks. Now new cars are standard two keys, there is a brand identification codes, inscribed with a combination of letters and numbers, the brand must not be lost. If the owner accidentally lost the car keys, it is necessary to hold the brand with the key identifier. New with the key needs and "electronic identification code" on the original vehicle anti-theft system for matching, the match is completed, the new key to enable the lost remote control keys immediately lapse.
"Even if someone picked up the old car keys, and can only be opened by mechanical key to the door, absolutely impossible to start the car." Current car remote control key has a chip inside, then insert the key, the key to the chip ID and the car alarm system After the match the correct identification code in order to start the car. After losing the keys, the safest approach is to replace a full lock. After replacing the whole lock, even if it was picked up before the lost keys, skp900 do not worry about the door will be opened.
Spoon roadside shop with no more than 1,000 yuan
Reporters in Yongfu Road Auto Parts City, you can find several shops consultation with key with the key prices, quotes several shops were given far less than the 4S shop, all in less than 1,000 yuan. In which a shop owner just as a Peugeot car owners with a new key, a new key moment is good, the owner will match the key chip laptop computer connected with the car, engine immobilizer data read for new keys and spare key performed microarray data matching, and then add the new data into the on-board computer, the entire process took less than half an hour, with a good as new keys and spare key, can successfully open and lock the doors, but also to start the vehicle, Pay only 630 yuan.
In response, Mr. Lo said, skp-900 car keys and passwords match engine anti-theft device is completed by computer, simply press the corresponding data input program, press the mouse to complete the match. Although simple, but one of the technical fees are not cheap. In addition, 4S shop is to knock off fees and material costs, while outside auto parts stores charge only the cost of materials. 4S shop for all who come with the car keys, I have to carry driving license, ID card, then check customer information, to apply with the key. The outside of the shop would not require these. It is learned that with the key is a special industry, the record must be registered in the Public Security Bureau and obtain relevant licenses, otherwise illegal operations, with chain stores and roadside mostly undocumented, security to speak of. Although the outside with the key businesses of low prices, but there is more than equipped to decode the hidden keys or malicious, but also may affect the security of the vehicle.
Therefore, from the reliability and safety starting with the key in the 4S shop expensive, can be considered to pay for peace of mind.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Delphi Release "plug and play" car networking solutions

Delphi ds150e Automotive Systems, Inc. today announced the launch of the Chinese market, its innovative, cloud-based Internet service new car: Delphi Connect. Following the successful listing in the United States, Delphi Connect upcoming breakthrough for the Chinese car owners' car to the cloud / cloud to the car, "the car interconnection services.
Users simply insert the Delphi Connect module board diagnostic (OBD) port, you can easily and quickly receives a lot of important information to the vehicle via smart phone or Delphi system sites, such as the health condition of the vehicle data, driving records, etc., but also can Driving distance setting boundaries, tracking vehicles. Delphi Connect can be used in 2003 and beyond, most of the models produced in China.
Delphi's chief technology officer, Jeffrey Owens said: "DelphiConnect remote control can help owners locate their vehicles anywhere, anytime tune to see it driving history can help owners keep track of the health status of the car, as if to bring a car. diagnostic technician with your peers. "
Owners simply inserted into the device-board diagnostic (OBD) port (the port is usually located under the steering column) of the vehicle, these features can be achieved. Delphi Connect provides a dedicated secure cloud server to store data, and allows the driver to access certain information on the vehicle. Users simply by smartphone mobile application (Android or Apple) or Delphi system Web site, you can enjoy many services provided by Delphi Connect, including:
Vehicle Health Alert: When the engine, security systems, such as vehicle exhaust system problems or problems hidden, DelphiConnect will automatically alert the owner via text message or e-mail.
Vehicle Tracking: real-time tracking of the vehicle, showing the location of the vehicle speed and direction to facilitate fleet management.
Vehicle Location: through the website or mobile phone owners, in any place, any time, to locate his car remote control, easy to find your car.
Driving History / driver log: Provides car travel summary.
Safe Driving Monitor: When someone driving your own vehicle, locate the position of the vehicle at any time. Vehicle owners can also set up a designated area (also known as electronic fence), when the car out of the electronic fence area, car owners will receive information across the fence.
Customer service management: the automotive aftermarket, the engineers can provide remote vehicle diagnostics through DelphiConnect, roadside assistance, repair and maintenance, vehicle health status monitoring and fault management services.
Customers can download and apply to Android 2.2 Apple iOS 5.0 or later Delphi applications and smart phones, can also be viewed through the Delphi system to monitor vehicle information website. Delphi Connect system website is compatible with multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer and older versions of the 7 IE browser, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox browsers. Website run by Delphi system data is securely encrypted. Programmable features Delphi Delphi Connect will allow in the future and improve the quality of services and products.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Automotive hydraulic oil perishable common troubleshooting scenarios

1 Symptom
After replacing the use of new hydraulic oil soon degenerate.
Automatic transmission temperature is too high, oil smoke out from the mouth.
2, the cause of the malfunction
Improper car use, often overloaded with, as is often used in the trailer, or often rapid, speeding and so on.
Hydraulic oil cooler pipe blockage.
Leading to the hydraulic oil radiator pressure limiting valve catching.
Clutch or brake too much free play school
Main oil low oil pressure, clutch or brake slip at work.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

General Motors recalls regulatory black hole behind

In February, the U.S. General Motors recalls fatal delay decades vehicle ignition switch defect shocked the whole world. Then GM and U.S. regulators were quickly launched an investigation to find the reason behind the delay in the recall. GM's internal report recently released by the negligence of the engineering staff, investigative and legal staff and incompetent behavior causes the decades that security issues have failed to get attention. This incident highlights the regulatory defect from car manufacturers and the relevant departments thought-provoking, but also to bring the parties to speed up measures to address the new challenges facing the field of automotive safety.
Amazing scale recall
Since the airbag defects, General Motors announced on June 6 again four vehicle recall, involving a total of more than 100,000 cars worldwide. So far, the company has announced this year, more than 30 car-recall actions, and an increase of 30 surveys a number of products in the global auto recall the total has reached 15.3 million, more than General Motors in 2013 9.71 million global vehicle sales, and far more total global recall of 757,000 vehicles in 2013.
General Motors this year's massive recall, began in early ignition switch defect events. Since February of this year, General Motors worldwide recall due to the ignition switch problem more than 2.6 million vehicles. Since the ignition switch is defective, these vehicles may power steering and braking systems and airbags sudden failure and other problems can not be opened.
GM said the ignition switch problem led to at least 35 traffic accidents, more than 13 people died in traffic accidents related. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also said the final death toll caused by this security flaw may exceed 13 people.
Pour pressure
Recall events that took office in January this year to General Motors CEO Mary Barbara feel the pressure. In addition to the costs associated with spending a lot of money, "high-quality, reliable," the reputation of the government bailout of General Motors have also been won during an unprecedented impact on the U.S. Congress and regulatory agencies investigating the throng, related litigation is also increasing.
After the defective vehicle recall scandal, General Motors launched a more recalls, trying to restore a damaged reputation. Recall the issues involved, including the aging of the seat belt, and the display does not match the actual gear, air bags and fire hazards and other risks start. Multiple orders from the massive recall paying a huge cost generic companies.
Expenses for the first quarter of the company's automotive recalls and repairs up to $ 1.3 billion, most of which related to the vehicles ignition switch failure. Reported a first quarter net profit fell universal than 85 percent last year, marking the worst quarterly performance since the company out of bankruptcy protection since the first quarter, operating profit in the North American market declined to $ 557 million. General Motors said it has spent $ 700 million to replace the ignition switch and cylinder, and spent $ 600 million for the other recall items. GM said it expects second quarter of this fiscal year for repair expenses related to the vehicles will reach $ 400 million, of which half will be used for vehicle maintenance.
GM also announced an agreement last month with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, agreed that the failure to timely respond to the survey vehicle ignition switch failure to pay a fine of $ 35 million. This is the maximum penalty for a maximum fine of U.S. history of similar problems, but also the law. GM also promised that once October 4 to complete the repair schedule for any change to the federal transportation department will be notified.
In addition, General Motors has been charged defects associated with the ignition switch. In addition to accident victims and their families filed a lawsuit, as well as the ignition switch is defective because customers bring their vehicles depreciate instituted proceedings. Analysis expected in the next General Motors to pay compensation and legal fees related to at least several billion dollars.
However, GM's sales have not yet been significantly affected by the recall. General Motors released data show that in May General Motors sales up to 2 8.4 694 million, an increase of 13% over last year, the highest in seven years the best monthly sales performance.
How secure regulatory failure
Defective ignition switch is not common in the industry, but it is fatal. GM interior, people called it "switch from hell."
Even more shocking is that GM will know as early as 2004 these issues, but has not taken any measures related to vehicle recalls.
After the problem is exposed, U.S. regulators quickly set out to investigate, General Motors also launched an internal investigation.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in March listed 107 questions asked General Motors to answer, including when GM was informed that car trouble, and what specific content, whether or not to withhold information in a timely manner in accordance with the law and whether reported information. But a month later, General Motors is still only about a third answer to the question, which makes the administration angry. To this end, the agency implemented a fine of General Motors $ 7,000 a day until its to answer all the questions raised. Eventually, the two sides reached an agreement, GM agreed to failure to respond to the survey vehicle ignition switch failure to pay a fine of $ 35 million.
General Motors announced last week lasted more than 300 pages of internal inspection reports. The report by the General Motors Company's legal advisor is responsible for drafting Jenner & Block, in the course of the investigation access to the 41 million documents, conducted 350 interviews. Reported that General Motors did not try to hide the ignition switch defect, but when dealing with ongoing problems in the vehicle's ignition switch defect "incompetent and negligent acts."
GM's internal report detailing the engineering, legal and public affairs departments in 11 years time, how will the ignition switch has not been considered a serious security flaw problem.
The ignition switch products in the late 1990s began to research and development, to reduce costs and improve performance, but the initial research has been unsatisfactory. In 2002, the designer of the ignition switch, GM engineers DiGeorge improved after the switch several times during production and use.
In 2004, GM began to report to the driver, the ignition switch gears in motion easily replaced, making the car engine suddenly stopped working. But from the beginning of this problem has been ignored. Although the number of motorists report on this issue to rise to dozens of people, General Motors engineers, investigators and legal staff still think this is just a "customer satisfaction" issue. At the security conference, the staff finds the habit of just need to deal with this issue, but ultimately failed to do the deal. The report notes that this issue is not recognized as a security issue, seriously affecting the timely attention and problem solving.
According to Reuters, in June 2005, there was a reporter at the time of the test drive was found, after driving the Chevrolet Kebao knee collision key ring, car engine in motion suddenly stopped working. At that time, a public relations officer, said GM's only response to this problem is not a security risk. But criticism of the article published on the reporter then still in his tenure newspaper. In response to the report, the security investigations department of General Motors tries to reproduce this failure, and concluded on June 28, 2005, limited safety hazards caused by this defect, no further monitoring.
Between 2004-2006, despite an increase in the number of reports of staff General Motors has yet to pay attention to this issue, also found no airbags may not work after the defect caused the accident.
And between 2005-2007, the ignition device using this GM compact car sales have been rising, reaching 200,000.
In 2007, a patrol together in the investigation involving two underage girls killed in a car accident Chevrolet Kebao the ignition switch shift resulted in an accident and the airbag does not work together, and send an electronic version of the document to General Motors . It was not until 2014 when an internal investigation, GM's security personnel noticed this document.
Also in 2007, an engineer at General Motors will shift the airbag ignition switch does not work linked and found no relevant reports from motorists after 2007, it was suspected the ignition device is designed who altered. In fact, he was right.
In 2006, DiGeorge agree to make changes to the design of the device, but did not change the part number, which led to the investigation department of General Motors a few years is difficult to understand the defects of the original parts. Although not explicitly inform DiGeorge and other General Motors colleagues this change, but the data show that some engineers in other departments but did not actually know to do deal with this change.
Later, a GM engineer Brian Christopher has launched a two-year and a half for the ignition internal investigation, the investigation until the end of 2013 until the end. Then General Motors really find this ignition switch device design has been changed. Followed until February 2014, General Motors was related recall.
Defect in the vehicle ignition switch delay recall, in addition to General Motors was criticized U.S. regulators have also been accused of regulatory loopholes.
U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee on General Motors and the U.S. Highway Administration were severely criticized. Members concluded that GM's automotive-related faults and recall lagging response is not satisfactory, and that the Highway Authority has no basis to question the available information is the vehicle to investigate misconduct. Republican Congressman Tim Murphy said, danger signals have already appeared, but General Motors and the National Highway Authority of communication failure in this matter, and the result is fatal.
Accident investigation will continue
Barbara announced after the report was released, has been sacked 15 relevant management personnel, and the establishment of a fund to compensate victims. This five persons including legal and engineering services personnel, including ignition switch designer Raymond DiGeorge. Barbara said that the presence of the dismissed staff turnovers and incompetent behavior, some of the staff there are also another negligence, failure to take responsibility for the investigation and did not realize the urgency of the cause of the fatal accident, and notify senior management.
However, the general report also attempts to General Motors executives disclaimer. Report that Barbara, executives reporting directly to Barbara, the Board of Directors and former General Motors CEO deaths Dan Exxon last December before the ignition switch is caused by a defect did not know. This is the behavior of senior management to exculpate incurred sharp criticism. Some lawyers believe that senior management accountability if not, you can not really change their flawed corporate culture. Due to defects of the bereaved families of the victims expressed hope that the Justice Department can conduct a more thorough investigation, accountability for serious misconduct criminal liability.
After last week's general internal investigation report released, the U.S. Congress is expected to soon announce a new round of hearings. Chairman of the Senate Consumer Protection Committee of Claire McCaskill said about General Motors will hold a hearing on why the delay recall this summer. She said, "I will not let the leadership of General Motors or federal regulators should bear the responsibility of escape for these tragedies. Affected families need to see their responsibility."

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Automotive decoder car remote jammer price market research

Auto decoders on maintenance has been fully recognized by the automotive industry. Before the car out of the small problems, have a few hours to solve, check the manual to find very difficult problem, that is a waste of time, it is difficult to find. And with the introduction of a decoder such electronic goods, and automotive vehicles correspond directly to the car's operating data can be read, no matter where the problem is to obtain data, a check will be able to know where their problems with. So that saves time, but also saves maintenance costs. Automotive decoder car remote decoder automotive electronic jammers for the aftermarket industry has a special hobby, then maybe this little car decoder can bring you great wealth it. Because we often see advanced repair tools are generally large, but the volume is very small decoder is also easy to operate, and its function is real. Once heard a repairman told us that before the repair car locks and car keys is time consuming, slow to ten hours, but if you have a car decoders easily be able to get a few of these issues. Not only improve work efficiency, but also saves labor. Individual simple fault, the decoder can be cracked in a few seconds, just be able to crack open the buttons of the received signal, a lot of repair is so simple to solve the problem. Since the decoder has been widely APP in repair areas, by virtue of its powerful repair won the praise of people, so many car manufacturers decoder
Automotive decoder can be divided into two one is talking about the car above fault detector circuit fault automobile engine overhaul or against. Another decoder is mainly for the control of the door. Also known as car control interceptor decoder. Car remote control is mainly used in the test matches and overhaul. Otherwise known as car remote blocking decoder. In the car keys are lost or damaged, the car matching remote maintenance. See above current market has long car remote interception 66 yards and 138 yards decoder car interceptor decoder. Car name of a generalized decoder on the current automotive tools are called three cars decoder. The first one is the automotive fault diagnostic. This is an auto repair tools in the traditional sense. Fault code and data is provided for our automotive maintenance equipment. The risk of theft of the car does not exist. The second is a car chip decoder, also known as car keys match the instrument. This machine can be said to be double-edged sword, beneficial to have disadvantages, which in many cases lost car keys flourish, car keys matching to solve the problem. In this regard it can be said car chip decoder is denied. However, such tools once in the hands of criminals, has become the root cause of crime. Now the car chip decoder, easy to operate, leading technology outflow. In the absence of effective management mechanism, in the market economy stimulus, whether producers or sellers mercenary, people do use the product review. Lead to a lot of car chip decoder outflow into the hands of social workers. For this car immobilizer chip current situation is almost no preventive measures. If you really want to effectively prevent, must be removed OBD interface of the car. Auto decoders car jammers mall auto decoders car jammers Taiwan origin! Is the best on the market car remote blocking receiver decoder! All models installed after intercepting replicate the success rate of over 95%! In the car on the remote control completely lost the case can be solved alarm door, with the intercept scanned as one of the features that are currently the most advanced car unlocking tool, within 50 meters of the remote receiver to the car alarm that emits a signal passwords and automatically saved, Open the car door electric door achieve the purpose. Faith-based customer first you just a phone call delivery across the country in January replacement, maintenance of life freely returned products within the continent-wide delivery we may have opened the country delivery business, the company's products and then all shall be satisfied first trial payment, allowing you to buy with confidence, satisfaction use, business integrity, and welcome your calls nationwide delivery. waive the deposit. unpacking. satisfactory payment hex editor allows you to view and edit files in the file jammers address or search for specific content, to replace any data, various data formats and replication. Integrated into the Windows Properties page, hex editor with an intuitive interface and is suitable for all minor hex and ASCII editing needs. Support the automotive standard commands (cut, copy, paste, delete, etc.);; Search in HEX and ASCII content; simple and easy to use interface possibility to edit files up to the size of the car 2 GB; car jammers quick copy and paste functions; to address the possibility of a specific insert and overwrite modes; choose the file to any extent; integrated into the Windows property page; All hex editor function shortcuts reporters have also consulted the domestic automotive expert Professor Zhang, Professor Zhang said With the car jammers important role in the automotive repair industry, car sales have jammers more and more popular, and there has also been a lot of fake car interference organ network, which will bring to market the car jammers great disturbance, but now the country has launched only authorized vehicles interference organ network, vast technological mall with the excellent service and experience for advanced automotive safety and jammers retrospective aspect, was awarded the Association of Automobile Manufacturers State only authorized organ network interference and auto Professor Yang also reminded ready to buy a car jammers businesses or individuals, because the car jammers are very different types and functions, and of course the price will vary greatly, some fake car interference organ network, is often used as a gas car jammers latest and most versatile car jammers to sell, so you can get huge profits, so Professor Young believes that when consumers buy car jammers, be sure to confirm certification car jammers parameters are dual-band or single frequency, is a combination of the car or not auto decoders decoder function, etc., need to be rigorous analysis, and then confirm the parameters of the car is no problem of interference.