Friday, June 27, 2014

GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Tool

GM MDI GM factory dedicated detector, initially introduced Pass - Thru programming capabilities. It performs Pass - Thru programming since 1993 to the present and even the future of all models. All cars GM mini MDI must be selected to perform the audit on the 2009 models. Diagnostic software as General Motors announced fourth quarter 2008 in a small MDI.
Start time of diagnosis, MINI MDI still remote data logging. This feature can record data during the road test, similar to Tech2 snapshot function. A trigger switch connector that is used for this purpose. As requested, the programming process should comply with SAE (American Association of Motor Vehicle Engineers) specify the protocol J2534, GM SPS software from this agreement in accordance with, GM MINI MDI is also part of the agreement to comply with applicable J2534 GM's.
Tech2 future
Tech2 is still an essential tool for the production of at least 2,010 vehicles. Universal Mini MDI will not support the introduction of diagnostic functions in the past. And, Tech2 will continue to be diagnosed prior year models. Remote programming and Tech2 will continue to support all of 2007 with an annual output models. Will provide additional information in the future.
Meanwhile diagnostic scope includes all 96 to 2010 Vauxhall / Opel models, it uses the latest GDS (Global Diagnostic System) is a new module ASTRA J and INSIGNIA, as well as all other models TECH2WIN software. Prior to this, Tech2 GDS tool requires the latest version of the software, but you have to have the latest ASTRA J and INSIGNIA, it is a fully functional Tech2 simulator, so you get the same functionality and Tech2 (including all).
Mini MDI Tech2 faster than 20-70%, because there are no added Tech2 ASTRA J / INSIGNIA software, is an important reason for you to experience the latest features Mini MDI module. The system can also be used to update Tech2 to the latest version of the software, to ensure adequate security and programmatic access. It also includes all of the wiring diagrams, information services, inspection procedures, working hours, part look like.
GM MDI factory Chang Road Technology provides diagnostic equipment module function
1.GDS original software, a powerful and comprehensive detection, testing powertrain, body and chassis
2 supports all common cars after 2008, including the North American GM, Shanghai GM.
3 supports wired and Wi-Fi
4.2007 support maintenance mode programming Pass-Thru
5.2008 support vehicle diagnostics and online programming
6. Reduce maintenance programming time, GMLAN communication protocol ECU programming time is currently using Tech2 1/3
7 can LaCrosse, road statue electronic throttle programming
Detector configuration
1.MDI communication module
2.OBD2 wiring
3 lines
4.USB wiring
5 power supply, software
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