Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Attention when use the easydiag

The easydiag android app you can download on google app store:
EasyDiag is a portable and economy vehicle trouble diagnostic device developed by Launch for vehicle maintenance technician.
Precautions on operating vehicle’s ECU
Do not disconnect the vehicle inner consume when the ignition switch is on, so as to avoid the sensors or the ECU damage. Do not place the magnetic object near the ECU in order to avoid the failure of the circuitry and components. Do cut off the

power supply of ECU system before welding on the vehicle. Pay more attention to the ECU and the sensors when the operation is next to them. Ground yourself when you disassemble PROM, otherwise ECU and sensors will be damaged by static

electricity. Do connect ECU harness connector firmly, otherwise electronic elements, such as IC inside ECU, will be damaged.

Precautions on operation
The instrument is a precision electronic instrument. Pay more attention when in use, do not have it dashed.
The equipment power is supplied by 12v battery voltage; do not use other voltage power.
Turn off the ignition switch when connect or disconnect the diagnostic connector.
Do not keep EasyDiag Pin Connector plugged into your vehicle overnight, be sure to always remove connector once testing and/or diagnosis is complete. Failure to do so may result in drained or weakened battery
EasyDiag, based on iOS/Android operation system design, research and development, is an internet vehicle trouble diagnosis tester customized for mobile intelligent trminals. After being connected with mobile terminal through Bluetooth, it achieves for LAUNCH Diagnostic Tool serial product the full diagnostic functions, which include reading DTCs(diagnosis trouble code), clearing DTCs, reading data stream, action test and special functions,Meanwhile, through your intelligent mobile terminal, you can access internet to get your demanded information, share and exchange information, etc
Note: before operating, you need to log in software first.

If your Android phone’s Bluetooth is closed, a request as Fig4.1 will be seen once open the software,Select “yes” to turn on Bluetooth, or you can not communicate with EasyDiag After selection, you will see some illustrations; glance down these
illustrations by sliding the screen to left can make you have a general understanding for the use of the software. The next step, you will see the disclaimer which contains some precautions and warnings about using, please read it carefully.
When reading is finished, click “I’ve read it” to enter login interface, see Fig4.3. If you don’t want to read this again, choose “Don’t show this again”; the disclaimer will not appear next time. Please login before starting to operate. Click “Login” to open login

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