Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The new owners of the oil temperature maintenance are a lot of misunderstanding

In recent years, car owners gradually increased, cars require regular maintenance, but a limited number of qualified car repair center, often into maintenance errors, affect the performance of the vehicle.
     Afraid of heights afraid of low engine temperature. Do everything possible to find the cause of high water temperature, low water temperature is considered normal. In fact, great harm automobile engine temperature is low, the mixture will not burn fully, power reduction, increase, and cause poor lubrication, can also cause excessive emissions.
     Add oil more the better. Think of the engine plus oil rather more not less, plus less likely to burn bearing little relationship Cadogan point. In fact, the right engine oil Cadogan still cause harm, Tcs cdp diagnostic tool ramp-mounted engine and V-type engine is even worse. It is an increase of the crankshaft, connecting rod rolling resistance, but it increased oil splashed on the cylinder wall, resulting in increased carbon deposition chamber. So oil Cadogan, and will reduce engine power, increased wear, can cause excessive emissions.
     Empty hub lubrication unreliable. That the inner hub filled with grease, can ensure the lubrication of wheel bearings, the bearings coated with only the empty hub lubricating greases not insurance, the hub must be in the middle of the gap filled with grease. In fact, doing so is not only a waste of grease, bearing the heat and the impact of harmful and no interest bearing lubrication. Breaker contact gap big points better than the small point. In fact, the contact gap is too large, contact closure time is short, the primary side of the ignition coil current is reduced, causing the high-voltage spark is weak, thus causing the engine difficult to start.
     Do not loose fastening bolts rather tight. In fact, the various components of the bolt car, depending on the diameter, pitch and uses its size has a corresponding tightening torque specified value. Less than the required value of the bolts come loose, although bad, but blindly increasing the tightening torque fastening parts will be deformed and cause elongation of the screw thread deformation or fracture.
     Open when the car maintenance check was assured. With the improvement of manufacturing standards, modern life has been greatly extended auto parts, casual dismantling will disrupt been running good with the state, greatly shorten the life of the part. In the automotive fault detection technology is improving without disassembly today, if part or assembly has not found significant failures are generally not dismantling.
     Car break-in period is not important. In fact, the most important vehicle maintenance stage is car break-in period. During the run, the engine will produce some iron, iron if there is no immediate clean-up will cause internal engine wear and tear, as well as the piston will have abnormal wear and tear, so that later may have to eat the oil for the car or the phenomenon of incomplete combustion .
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