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Maintenance of good Wiper clearly seen to be more secure

For the complex structure of the car, the wiper is a very humble parts, but for the owners, this is the key one relates to traffic safety, especially in the summer season of frequent rain, wiper almost every day use, can work at any time to play its due role in safeguarding the vital perspective, and this fact with the owners of the routine maintenance and use of skills are closely related.

     1, regular cleaning and check wiper
     Rainy season, often in the rain wiper work, naturally susceptible to rain erosion, while in the hot sun exposure, aging is also very easy, therefore, to develop a regular cleaning and check wiper good habits is essential.
     When it comes to cleaning, the easiest way is when you wash, use ordinary water to clean the wiper wiper blade along a direction to erase the stain on the wiper blade while flushing. But do remember, do not use high-pressure water spray a pass in front of the wiper mess, do not use detergent and other cleaning agents make rubber aging, if indeed there is a need, it is recommended to clean the wiper strip with a thin wet towel and glass cleaning fluid .
     Check the wiper of the method is very simple, spray some cleaning solution, and then the wiper switch is in position at various speeds, checking different speeds, wiper whether to maintain a certain speed. Meanwhile, Ford VCM II for sale also check the wiper wiper state, including work if there is vibration and noise, as well as whether the wiper strut swing uneven or missing scratch phenomenon exists when these two failures of any kind, means wiper blades have been damaged or aging, it is time to be replaced with a new strip up.
     2, stand under the hot sun to stop the wiper
     Automotive Wiper temperature by heat, frequent rainfall will affect the impact of its life, it is easy to make a strong rubber softening temperature, deformation, long-term effect will naturally cause great damage to the material, such as distortion or loss of elasticity. So we have to try to avoid over exposure of the car in the sun, try to put up wiper, wiper strip to avoid contact with the hot glass, slowing the rate of aging and prolong the life of the wiper. Unfortunately, this little trick I'm afraid we still today it is rarely enforced.
     Further, when parking the vehicle for a long time after the start, it is recommended to clean out the owner first wiper strip on the glass surface and the attachment of impurities, such as debris in the wiper work with rubber to increase the glass between friction, thereby scratching the glass surface, scraping unclear phenomenon. When the high-speed finish, sand or insects found windscreen stained corpses are not recommended to use the wipers to wipe, you should use a dedicated wet towel on the car windshield clean.
     It is worth mentioning that, remember to maintain a good car sprinkler system, promptly filled with water, can be added to neutral, decontamination, cleaning agents lubrication to avoid dry spray the motor running. The owners at the time of using the car wiper, do be careful not to let the wiper dry scraping glass, not only because it is likely to cause damage to the wiper, there may scratch the windscreen.
     3, wiper six months or once a year for the best
     Common Symptoms include wiper blades scraping dirty, beat or noise, these symptoms are likely to be caused by aging strip wiper blade, then they should consider replacing the wiper.
     According to expert advice, the best wiper blades should be replaced once six months to a year, because even in dry sunny weather, because the texture of the rubber wiper blade itself or it can not avoid the harsh environment outside of aging, so this point we need owners attention. In addition, the proposed daily cleaning vehicle owners choose cars special cleaning agents, especially different Never mix cleaning agents, or likely to produce rubber wiper corrosive chemicals cause damage to the wiper
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