Monday, July 8, 2013

LAUNCH Diagnostic Tool : Launch CResetter II Oil Lamp Reset Tool

Launch CResetter II is a LAUNCH Diagnostic Tool that a professional Service Lamp Reset device specially developed for car DIY lovers,small repair workshops and roadside concessions.
It is designed in traditional appearance and has special functions of oil light reset, brake pad reset, and steering angle reset, etc. Compared with similar product on the market, it has more powerful functions, wider car model coverage and more affordable price.
Launch CResetter II
now the CResetter II sell only $159.99, To see the product visit
Cresetter II Functions:

1 Support service lamp reset for multiple domestic and oversea car models.
2 Car service period setting
3 Brake pad reset function
4 Steering angle sensor calibration
5 Support Online upgrade
6 Support Multiple languages
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