Monday, June 3, 2013

ED100 Motorcycle 6 in 1 Handheld Motor Diagnostic Tool

ED100 Motorcycle 6 in 1 Handheld Motor is produced in Taiwan.Do you think it have no strong quality and function?No,ED100 include 6 function to the Motorcycle.Firstly,it can read the Motorcycle system information,read system information is the most important.Second,the data stream,may be you can and clear DTCS.freeze data and co idle speed adjustment
ED100 Features:
1. Small size, light weight and easy-taken,easy operation and quickly reaction
2. provide diagnostic functions to multi-brands motors
3. Can provide detailed and complete diagnostics functions and maintenance description.
4. reliable quality.
5. Large LCD display with high resolution and clear fonts, easy to read.
6. Stronger and more durable than most equipment on the market
7. all the accessories can be replaced with high quality.
8. can be updated online
9. with CANBUS chips inside, no need for any additional interface, you can meet the needs of future development
ED100 Motor Diagnostic Tool
What motorcycle it can scan? Ed100 can diagnose SYM,KYMCO, YAMAHA, PGO, SUZUKI, and Hartford.(mostly for low CC, like 125)
ED100 Motor Diagnostic Tool with 6 menbrane keyboard needs DC 10-15V Power,works in 250ma electric current.its screen is 160*105 LCD.Storage Temperature: -10°C-85°C Operating temperature:0-70°C Humidity: <90% .ED100 support usb port ,comport and power port.As of today its price is $184.99 in obd2works.package include 8 cable for people to use.

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