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Launch x431 Master Manual(1)

Launch x431 Master Layout of Main Unit
Layout of Main Unit
Turn on the power source, and then press
[Power] key on the machine. The screen will
display the prompts about touch screen
calibration. Press [Hot] key (refer to the
section "Calibrate Touch screen" for detailed
steps) if you want to make calibration,
otherwise, you can wait until it displays the
start interface as shown in Fig.02.

An interface for User Register will be
displayed when the machine is started at
first time. Refer to the section "User
Register"for detailed steps.
When you want to turn off the machine, press
and hold [Power] key for at least 2 seconds.
[Start] button: Its function is the same as that
in Windows. Click it to pop up the start menu.
The items and their respective functions in the
menu are shown in the following table.
[ ] Active Taskbar Icon: Click it by stylus to
display and switch the executed programs.
[ ] Back Light Icon: Click it to turn on/off
back light.
[ ] Soft Keyboard Icon: Click it to activate
the soft keyboard. Then you have two ways to
1. Input by soft keyboard;
2. Input by writing board;

Note: To input data, please activate Soft
Keyboard with stylus and use the stylus in
the subsequent operations.
Using the Soft Keyboard
Activate And Hide
You can click Soft Keyboard icon on the
bottom of the touch screen to activate the soft
keyboard, and click again to hide it.
Input By Soft Keyboard
You have two ways to choose. One is to input
by Soft Keyboard just like normal keyboard,
but with stylus instead of finger. The other is to
input by writing board.
Click [En] button, it will switch from normal
keyboard to writing board [Hw]. And click [Hw]
button, it will switch back.
The Function Key
There are four function keys on the upper-right
of the Soft Keyboard. SBC/DBC case,
punctuations, Keyboard/Writing board, and the
Soft Keyboard position can be determined by
clicking one of the four keys for each of the
functions from left to right. (Refer to Fig.03)
The four function keys at the upper-middle
position are for moving the cursor leftward,
rightward, upward or downward.

In keyboard mode, the key at the bottom left of
the keyboard is [Shift] key. Click it to change
the lowercase letter into the uppercase letter,
and the numeral key into special symbol
(same as the special characters corresponding
to the numeral keys in normal keyboard). The

white key at the bottom right of the Soft
Keyboard is space key.
In writing board mode (refer to Fig.04), there
are eight function keys at the lower left of the
soft keyboard. The four ones on the bottom
implement the function: to move the cursor
leftward, rightward, upward or downward. The
other four functions are (from left to right): to
delete the first character before the current
cursor, clear the hand-writing section, space
and return.
Input by Keyboard
1) Open an interface, such as User
2) Click Soft Keyboard Icon in the tool bar
to activate Soft Keyboard.
3) Click the characters on Soft Keyboard to
enter data. (Refer to Fig.05)
Input by Writing Board
1) Open an interface, such as Memo.
2) Click [New] button.
3) Click the function key to switch to Writing
Board. (Refer to the section "Use for Soft
4) Write on the white board to the right of the
Soft Keyboard. Enter the information by
function key operation.

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