Monday, February 10, 2014

Install Volvo Vida Dice Software

1.Insert the Volvo vida dice disk, automatically show the install screen. please click【viad all‐in‐on】start install. If this screen have not show up when you insert the disk, please do as step two show.
2.Find install file[setup.exe] under the file as the pic show, double click to open it, then you will see the install screen as the step 1 show.
3. click [ vida all‐in‐one] start install,click[next]
4.if show the pic as below show, please do as step 5 show change the computer system time and then restart computer and finish install.
5.Change computer system time back to 2008.11.1 then restart computer. Do again step 1 to 3.
6.install processing
12.Choose the start menu enter
13.Input the 16 pin connector of Volvo vida dice into the car,USB connect to the computer.System will install the drive automatically.
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