Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Purchase Guidance Of Super BDM Programmer

SUPER BDM Programmer Coverage for BMW F Chassis CAS4 is now hot selling
Super BDM Programmer
on obd2works.Notes that it is used for BMW F Chassis CAS4,5 Series 2010- F10/F11/F18 Chassis (CBA Long shaft),6 Series 2010- F12 Chassis,7 Series 2009- F01/F02/F03 Chassis,X3 Series 2011- F25 Chassis.
For SUPER BDM Programmer's function,it can read or write the cpu of latest BMW CAS4,9S12XDP512(1L15Y)、MC9S12XEP768(5M48H).And it supports freecale cpu models. MC9S12XET256、MC9S12XEQ384、MC9S12XEP768、MC9S12XEP100、XP8000E_XET256(Mask:OM53J,1M53J,2M53J,3M25J,5M48H).Let's looke at SUPER BDM Programmer appearance first.
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