Tuesday, December 10, 2013

KD900 Remote Maker

Do you search a machine copy your car key? do you find a tool that Handle Remote Control Generate tool.
While vehicle manufacturers are building cars that last longer, they have simultaneously become more difficult to repair. To make cars safer, lighter and more fuel efficient,
KD900 Remote Maker
new materials such as high-strength steels, aluminum and steel-plastic have been added into vehicle bodies. Technicians can no longer assume they’re working with good old steel

when they start cutting or welding.
Anyway, you may find functional obd tools have a tiny fault. CK-100 is the same. That is it may sometimes fail to adapt key. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to solve; just disconnect OBD16 adapter and automobile connection, reconnect after 10 seconds or more. Make sure you have it disconnect, or it will be harmful to cars immobilizer system and device locked.
Vehicle designers must balance issues associated with ease of repair with the push towards lighter and more fuel efficient cars. General Motors began about five years ago

assigning engineers from their service operation to work alongside designers and their engineers can now use a virtual hand and wrench with a digital screen to test how a new

machine in the design stage will affect the mechanic’s repair time.
KD900 Remote Maker Advantage:

1) Handle Remote Control Generate tool
2) No Need PC Support!
3) 1 Button Smart online Update!


1. Freqency Test: from 312Mhz-868MHz
2. Simulate/Generate hundred of new Remote Control
3. Unknow Remote control Identify
4. Customised software for Client
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