Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to prevent car maintenance car was the invasion of summer

The ancients of a "pear pale and dark blue willow catkins flower fly when the city " takes us into the realm of poetic spring , but at the same time enjoy the site gentle picture , how to prevent catkins on the car's " intrusion " is also the owner of you to Watch .
Car's cooling system is more likely to be living with a paste of fine metal gauze to make a shield in front of the tank , hidden in the grille where this trick not only can prevent flocculation ,originally ran high speed when there will be many small insects mistake crashed into the water tank heat sink, the results are difficult to clean , with this layer of protective nets stretch out after washing once every two weeks on the line network . But this network also has drawbacks , one installation trouble, because the original multi- Ann did not give leave to the net , so you have the owners own DIY; two is installed must be firm , or the car go up in resonance, also disturbing . To air conditioning wearing " masks " Northern relatively large sand and dust filter can effectively prevent a large floc hair and dust from entering. With dust filter , which is equivalent to driving a man wearing a "mask ", 80 % of the dust basically rejected the car outside . Now basically have a common mid-range car with a dust filter,like POLO , etc. conditioned car or with activated carbon dust filter, but the filter is not a panacea , the first of its normal life in the open air often season is five or six months , the filter will be blocked over time , not only would not achieve the role of dust , but also to increase the burden on the air conditioning system , causing costs of oil , car smell and other symptoms. Therefore, in order for the car to better serve you , not lazy , every period of time to clean up yourself above the dust filters , dust filters if only to knock out a few times, for the maintenance of ventilation systems there are a great help. Reduce the car's window interiors are mostly made ​​of plastic material , these components in the dry season would have been easier to generate static electricity , the role of electrostatic dust more easily invade instrument catkins , transmissions and other parts , because now the electronic vehicle have a high degree of excessive lint dust easily lead to job failure computer , so you can reduce the time window windy days and catkins flying frequency to avoid dust take advantage.
If you would like to enjoy the fresh air while the words can be used to air conditioning and windows alternating cycle approach , do both.

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