Friday, May 23, 2014

The Brief Introdution to the OEMScan GDS+ 3

The OEMScan GDS+ 3 is a professional vehicle diagnostic device, which is developed and manufactured by the company--GreenDS, it is mainly designed for the detection and the examination of the electric control system of the gasoline engine.The GDS+3 is the latest auto solution,it is very simple and very easy to use.
The OEMScan GDS+3 can meet the strict requirements of customers to detect troubles in breadth and depth,because of its comprehensive software configuration and authoritative vehicle data.And its software includes tens of thousands vehicle data of domestic, Europe, America, Japan and also it will provide a data system which can help users know how to solve the troubles in practical work quickly.
The OEMScan GDS+ 3 is designed with a wide color touch-screen.The mode setting function can meet the needs of different working environments.And the device has the flexible drive technology,it can satisfy the test of all kinds of communication bus of vehicle electronic control system.The build-in high speed thermal printer of the OEMScan GDS+3 can make the maintenance personnel convenience to record data and save trouble code.
The hardcore of the GreenDS auto diagnostic computer follows the international advanced modularized design technology,so it owns the advantages,such as high speed,stability and data collection accurate,etc.It is very easy and convenient to update the system software and diagnostic software of the device.
Besides,one of the device's advantages is that it can help avoid the device to be damaged when vehicle voltage is abnormal, because the internal power supply adopts separating power supply design.

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