Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Body small scratches annoying yourself maintenance repair tips

After happy car back, suddenly found the car on the way accidentally rubs, and how many there will be some depressed. Do not worry, here I teach riders some small experience, the car yourself small scars removed.TCS CDP For Cars/Trucks Diagnostic Tools
1, no matter what kind of car will have a large or small scars. Paint scratches on the table cause much damage? How can I repair? Must consider the proper disposal methods. If it is less visible scars, the smart approach is to not worry about it.
     2, the car has a scratch, the best way is to repair wounds to fill part of the same body coating agent. Coating agent can be coated once, twice, three times more the number, TCS CDP For Cars/Trucks Diagnostic Tools,the more will be painted and clean. Uniform treatment of the entire body, but is also very important.
     Three small scars if only a very shallow scratches table paint, immediately wipe with a mixture of straight handle, wipe methods. After the scars disappear, with a mixture of finer call after waxing wipe.
     4, scratching deep wounds, the focus is to observe whether the exposed metal surface, if you do not see the metal surface will not rust, can concentrate coated with modified paint. Points up the pen tip, and then wait for the paint to dry completely.
     5, deep scars, but slender, with colored putty can be repaired very well. Scars at the use sandpaper, it should not be scar face to expand, it is important to remove dirt and clean. Putty should be carefully applied so completely into the interior. Finally coated with mixture, waxing, end of the work.
     6, depression treatment is one of the most troublesome body maintenance work, it is important to lay the foundation, if this step is not done, painting no matter how well the results are poor. When painting,TCS CDP For Cars/Trucks Diagnostic Tools do not forget to use the newspaper to cover a good all around, so do not spread to the surrounding paint.
     7, found after rust immediately addressed, if left unchecked, rust spots will gradually expand. Prevent rust method is to use sandpaper to wipe, or make changes in the chemical synthesis of rust agent. Depending on the circumstances, namely to use.
     8, doors, trunk around pasted waterproof off easily distorted. But if there is no rupture, deformation, can be used again, just paste it back, you can prevent leakage. Elastic recovery of a protective agent for the rubber itself is also important.
     9, scar treatment bumper is slashing the glitch, potholes partially coated with putty to make it smooth. Special putty, prepare a variety of colors, choose the closest color. And body-color bumpers. Paint is important.
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