Thursday, August 21, 2014


BMW Carsoft is employed to check automobile management unit and overall condition, service interval reset, part activation, live data, least common multiple reading, sync, EWS and eu adaptation values, and coding.
BMW INPA is employed for automobile designation, and straightforward driver programming.
But a way to use Carsoft interface with BMW INPA? nowadays i might wish to bring up it.

First, install the BMW INPA computer code.
1. Run the file “Instprog.exe”
2. choose English, click Continue
There will show the Reference List. Click Continue.
3. choose C:\ as destination drive, and click on Continue
4. choose the configuration. Let’s build it “BMW cluster Recertification programs UK”, and click on Continue.
5. choose “Complete” choice next to the “EDIABAS and INPA”, click Continue.
6. choose OBD as interface and click on still begin installation.
7. Click finish once the installation finished.
8. Open Windows soul and realize “C:\Ediabas\Bin”, open it with pad of paper
9. realize the “RemoteHost” and “Port”. modification the worth with “” and “6801” severally.
Save and shut the file.

10. Open the folder “C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\OBD” and run “OBDSetup.exe”.
Press any key to continue.
11. Click Windows+Break to open the System Properties: Open “Advanced”, click “Environment Variables”,
12. choose the “Path” system variable, click Edit.
Add a punctuation at the top of the variable statement, then kind “C:\ediabas\bin”, and click on OK.

Connect your CarSoft cable to the diagnostic port, and your laptop.
13. Open Device Manager, and ensure that your port is:
a. appointed to COM1
b. first in first out buffers area unit enabled
c. Receive and Transmit Buffers area unit set to eight
Please attention: it's necessary to run CarSoft once to urge the interface to figure with INPA.

14. begin CarSoft, choose “Perform Diagnosis”, click DDE.
If failed, you wish to urge your communications along with your interface and CarSoft operating before continuing: begin INPA with the route INPA(_.IPO)

Now it ought to be done to run Carsoft cable with BMW INPA. And you'll attempt to check your automobile.

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