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Three car modification techniques

In simple terms, car modification can be divided into exterior modifications, interior modifications, power conversion, modification and manipulation of audio conversion. The results of a modified car represents the owner's taste as well as his views on driving. When human life into the e-age, car modification also added a new content: intelligence. However, in many conversion projects, the most exciting is the mechanical modifications, it is the owner of the car to be developed imagination and infinite potential perfect combination together. The main mechanical structure of an automobile can be broadly divided into: body, interior equipment, engine power, gearbox transmission, suspension, brakes and electronic control systems. This is the middle one if there are any changes made​​, the car itself will feel immediately affected and changed.
     Appearance modification
     Appearance of the body modification has been occupied a very important position, the general appearance of the modifications include stickers, body painting, logo, around the bar, surrounded by large, high-wing, opening engine cover, window visors, HID xenon headlights, front headlight decorative panels, front and rear perspective mirrors, lower body and so on.
     Change the appearance of the body the fastest and most convenient way is to install aerodynamic package. The so-called aerodynamic package is commonly known as big bag, basically contains grille, side spoilers (side skirts), after scrambling plate surround and post-flow (tail), and sometimes we will see in the original insurance bars will install a lower spoiler, the general is called chin: if there is no insurance to replace the front and rear rod, just install the chin, it was also called packets. In addition to the installation of aerodynamic kit allows the vehicle more interesting to watch, as well as a more sporty, the most important thing is to have good performance improvement. Aerodynamic package installation does not make the vehicle run faster, strictly speaking, a good kit will usually reduce speed, be able to make the car more stable performance.
     Power conversion
     Like the human heart, as is the heart of the automobile engine, which is the most important part of the entire vehicle. And it is also the most troublesome modified its main modification is to increase its power output, conversion methods are: to increase the bore, increasing the compression ratio, Cadogan valve, naturally aspirated to turbo, etc., but must note that, modified engine is quite dangerous, a careless engine will be damaged, and even lead to serious security incidents.
     Intake System
     Engine work requires a lot of air, the air entering the engine through the air filter first, which is the most important part of the intake system, currently most original configuration are disposable paper filter. Modified products are made using special chemical fibers, its biggest advantage is in the air filter while the net flow of air into the combustion chamber, the flow rate increased by more than 30%, so that the fuel burn more fully, more efficient units, engine the performance of the natural well.
     Ignition System
     Engine ignition system is another element of the work, from spark plugs and ignition wire together constitute the original configuration are single set of harness, and passed on by the amount of voltage and current are not satisfactory.
     FireWire high-voltage conversion with multiple sets of harness and high conductivity characteristics of the ignition coil can generate a lot of timely transfer to the spark plugs. Spark plug ignition system is the end of the group, using electrodes to ignite the oil and gas produced after mixing Mars, complete combustion, push the piston work. Original configuration and FireWire, are to reduce costs and make the minimum configuration. The owner if the replacement spark lines and spark plug, the car will throttle hard, start fast, sharp acceleration.
     Exhaust System
     Exhaust performance is directly related to engine performance merits. An increase in the intake, combustion intact, while the exhaust efficiency is also need to strengthen, high-performance exhaust pipe and muffler became the owner of the power to pursue the goal.
     Handling modification brakes
     In fact, the structural design of the brake system is relatively simple, but modified the workload is greater. Wants to enhance its braking performance, the fastest and most direct way is to change the high-performance brake pads. In addition, to upgrade the brake system can also change the brake fluid grade; facelift high-pressure brake hose or metal materials; addition is use larger brake times the force is to increase the auxiliary power brake pedal.
     Chassis suspension
     Related to the manipulation of the biggest driving factor is the car's chassis suspension system, the design of the original mass consumers generally accepted as the goal. Modified chassis suspension system can be divided into shock facelift, rod reinforced suspension structure, body rigidity strengthen other parts. Is the most influential person of the project is modified shock absorbers. Market shock absorbers types: Original enhanced, strengthened the original ride height adjustable, high professional sport, race-specific type. Owners should be based on their driving habits and needs to choose shock absorbers. CARPROG FULL V6.80
     Tires are also very important, because a strong impetus good, sensitive brakes or, ultimately depends on the tire grip to achieve, and more professional career race car, dry pavement and rain should use different venues game the tires, off-road race is higher demands on the tires.
     ECU system
     Car at the factory when taking into account the car to sell to the world, to adapt to different environments and oil quality, so the program within the original ECU is the best compromise of a wide range of conditions, that is at least 30% -40 % of the energy is being sequestered (especially on security-famous European car). Especially on the ECU upgrade for trubo car can reach unexpected power lifting effect. CARPROG FULL V6.80
     Chinese mainland for the automotive ECU tune into two basic ways: plug-in. Implantable. Plug-in is mainly for Japanese and Korean cars, the famous HKS. There implantable Germany Digi-Tec. The latter is the only continent registered legitimate ECU software upgrade. CARPROG FULL V6.80 with the arrival of China became the world's largest auto market, car modification has become a hot topic all car people. Faced with the numerous and brilliant modification world, advocating individuality you

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