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10 stuff you got to comprehend the 2016 Volvo XC90

Volvo touts its all-new 2016 XC90 SUV because the initial product of the “new Volvo” and also the launch of a company-wide rebirth. whereas Volvo isn’t utterly flipping the script—and, say, creating six-wheeled military motorcycles—the XC90 will represent its initial severally developed automotive since being financially sugar-daddied by Chinese auto manufacturer Geely.
The 2016 XC90, that we have a tendency to recently conjointly in, is additionally the model’s initial clean-sheet plan in additional than a decade. what is more, the XC90 debuts on the brand’s scalable Product design, a standard platform which will underpin a spread of vehicles. Underscoring the crossover’s importance was the flotilla of engineers, designers, and executives that Volvo had reachable at the reveal event we have a tendency to recently attended in national capital, Sweden. we have a tendency to poked and prodded for the foremost attention-grabbing details on the new SUV, and these ten things area unit the result. Enjoy, then go forth and drop Swedish information on some fools.
1. It Flies the Swedish Flag

Volvo stuck a small, fingernail-sized Swedish-flag label on the sting of the XC90′s front rider seat. Shutthefrontdoor, right? Modesty could be a quintessentially Swedish attribute, therefore don’t be fooled by the flag’s smallness: Volvo is passing, overpoweringly happy with its Swedishness, which the flag is that there in the slightest degree is the nearest you’ll return to a Scandinavian boast.
2. Volvo Didn’t Banish cubic Entirely

Volvo uses the term “Thor’s Hammer” to explain the XC90′s uncommon T-shaped semiconductor diode running lights, that is Associate in Nursing awe-inspiring however maybe too heavy-handed descriptor for the delicate aesthetic intention of the units. in step with Volvo’s vice chairman of style, there's still a current perception among shoppers that the whole builds solely cubic cars, therefore the stylists place a tough, 90-degree styling cue right the car’s face to visually connect the XC90 to the firm’s rhetorical past whereas still advancing style.Volvo vida dice
3. There’s a bittie, itsy-bitsy little bit of war vessel in There

In its quest to carve out the maximum amount interior area as potential, Volvo fitted Associate in Nursing ultracompact multilink rear suspension with . . . a thwartwise composite leaf spring! Yep, similar to the Chevrolet war vessel ray. If you choose for the XC90′s out there air suspension, however, you lose the rear leaf. Fun fact: Volvo used this style before on the 960 wagon.
4. the inside presumably Is a lot of helpful than the Honda Fit’s
Thanks to the compact rear suspension afforded by that thwartwise leaf spring—and the tidy implementation of the optional air springs—the XC90′s aft accommodations area unit ethereal and commodious for each individuals and freight. Volvo additional capitalizes on the area by giving the second- and third-row seats the power to fold utterly flat. after we say “flat,” we have a tendency to mean it: born down, the seats type a swish, uninterrupted load floor from the hatch sill to merely behind the front seats. As a bonus, every of the 5 rear seats will be singly planar .
5. The Rear Seats area unit Real—and for Real individuals
Even a lot of superb than however they fold is however the seats really hold individuals. The third row is tolerable for adults, and every of the 3 second-row butt garages will slide fore and aft freelance of 1 another and supply singly adjustable backrests. The third-row chairs supply no adjustment once raised, however they’re totally realised seats rather than the same old pop-up jump seats seen most all over else.
6. Swedish Glass now not simply Refers to Scandinavian Narcotics
When extolling the XC90′s Swedishness, one should purpose to the rig’s dazzling crystal shift knob, that is oversewn by Scandinavian maker Orrefors. we have a tendency to identified from one in all the SUV’s interior designers that every unit is singly crafted and roughly fifteen glassmakers handle all of the assembly.
7. The XC90 invariably Watches Its Rear
Using its rear-facing microwave radar, the XC90 will Associate in Nursingticipate an impending—or what it determines to be impending—rear-end collision. Sensing an instantaneous impact, the XC90 cinches down the front seatbelts and locks the brakes to attenuate occupier acceleration. Outside of the U.S., the automotive conjointly can flash its blinkers to do to capture the arriving inattentive driver’s attention.
8. The Badge Is Down with the Diagonal
Closely examine the XC90′s grille, and you’ll see that the acquainted Volvo iron mark—the spherical badge with the arrow protrusive from the 2 o’clock position—lines up with the brand’s signature diagonal grille slat. this is often a primary, and currently you’ll notice it on each new XC90 you see.

9. Volvo Is therefore smart at Safety, It Don’t would like No Stinkin’ Rear facet Airbags
For a whole that lives and breathes safety, Volvo had US scratching our heads with its call to not embody rear facet airbags—as distinct from drop-down side-curtain airbags—on the XC90. once asked why rear facet airbags, that have unfold across the business within the past few years, weren’t a part of the XC90′s package, Volvo’s head of active safety cleared things up: The engineers were able to match the side-impact performance of the front-seat space within the rear mistreatment strictly passive measures like thicker doors and a powerful C-pillar.

10. hit Pedestrians are going to be Associate in Nursing Explosion-Free expertise

Just as Volvo was able to do a lot of with less once it came to rear-seat side-impact performance, so, too, was it able to contour the XC90′s pedestrian-safety list. though Volvo pioneered technology like hoods that raise up in bicycle with ped-protecting airbags to melt a person’s landing, the corporate ditched each here. That’s mostly because of the XC90′s four-cylinder-only engine lineup. The fours area unit mounted low, departure lots of air area below the hood to make sure that, within the event of a pedestrian impact, the unfortunate soul is unbroken removed from harmful arduous points just like the engine and also the strut towers.

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