Monday, September 8, 2014

Three necessary automotive multi-meters when wiper does not work

In the second season, often rainy, if the car windshield wiper went to wrong, wipe slowly or any other problem, then it will be an dangerous thing when driving in the rainy day.
To find what is the reason of your windshield wipers's malfunction and not work, the experienced car repairman know it is very important to investigate the wiper motor and switch to determine if either is causing the problem.
For example,1999 Buick Century . The first thing to check is the fuse for the wipers, in the fuse box. You can pull out the fuse and check it four ways. 1. Try replacing it with a new fuse (of the same amperage) 2. Look at it for internal breakage or discoloration. 3. Use a tester light thingie (clip on one end of a wire, and a pointy poker at the other end) connected to both ends of the fuse. If it glows, it’s good. 4. Test it with an automotive multi-meter connected to both ends of the furse. (Set to test Ohms/resistance) If the needle goes up near 0, it’s good.
As known, every experienced auto technician has one multi-meter in the repair box, and you?
If you haven’t own an automotive multi-meter yet, why not choose one of from the three most popular ones:
Car Auto Power Electric Circuit Tester Multimeter+Lamp+Probe+Light 0-380Volt

With the increasing technical updates, the unceasing development of auto industry and the continuous renewal of auto parts and electronic components,
auto circuits gradually increase, but the detection tools of maintenance telephone are very few. Jiaxun automobile circuit tester excludes difficulties and
anxieties for vast auto repair factories, 4S shops and auto headquarters.

1. It can accurately detect various line faults under the situation of no damage to rubber cover.

2. It sets multimeter & test lamp gear which has the functions that the top-level multimeter fails to do. It specially detects the wires with bad contact and aging wires.

3. It can detect each fault in the place where the space is narrow and light is weak.

The product is the only four-in-one product with the functions of multimeter, test lamp, lighting lamp and probe.

All functions of digital multimeter are intelligent. Backlight is closed automatically after the backlight of 30s. All ranges are intelligent, and the instrument shuts off automatically after the stop of use for 20min.
It is convenient to use, efficient to detect, easy to operate and has reliable performance.
Please pay attention to following tips before you use this tool:
1. Light test function can use 12v-24v power, AC, DC both can use;
2. LED test function can only use DC, no AC.
3. Light test and LED test can not used to do 220V AC test. Otherwise will burn this tool.

MST-2800B Intelligent Automotive Digital Multimeter

MST-2800 Intelligent Automotive Digital Multimeter adds new high resistance measurement, resistance measurement range from 200Ω-200MΩ, with measurement range, and precision accuracy. What’s more, it can meanusre AC and DC voltage, DC current, resistance, electric capacity and duty ratio, temperature, transistor, diode parameters and buzz off, auto dwell and engine speed, the backlight display etc. This product is suitable for vehicle inspection and maintenance, engineering, laboratory testing, production test etc., is the ideal and portable automotive repair and maintenance tools.
New VC97 3999 Auto range multimeter vs 15B Tester

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