Thursday, September 4, 2014

Peugeot,Citroen cars do adaptive initialization With pp2000 and DiagBox

Generally, we use the car keys in the lock made ​​by hand throttle initialization, initialize the throttle, but these are static, but also through the car for some time, let the computer to self-learning.
        When we change some parts after, this approach is not so complete. For example, we changed the oxygen sensor, wash the oxygen sensor;we changed the canister solenoid valve, for the engine speed sensor, exposing the cylinder head, for the valve, ......., after these jobs done, we had to let the engine once adaptive initialization. In fact, allow the engine to turn up from the cold idle until hot car; Thus, the engine control computer will be in each of the longer this process, the exchange data with each other, match each other, so that to achieve the best fit between the various components state. The result is a car with a better engine, better economy.
        Here, Citroen C2 through to do a "adaptive initialize" operation, through the software interface operating picture, to put this method is more intuitive to introduce to you. Of course, Peugeot,Citroen car adaptive initialization method similar.

Piracy diagnostic tool is not as automatic detection diagnostic sometimes reads like above a picture of the vehicle VIN code, that can not reproduce this car's VIN number, it will jump out of the image below the display screen. Never mind, manually enter the VIN is the same.

Piracy diagnostic tool will appear this,never mind, Click "Back", and to unplug diagnostic lexia 3 pp2000 USB and then plug , after hearing the "boom" is heard, then re-insert the USB plug, when you hear "ding-dong" sound, we proceed to the next.

Patiently waiting for the countdown to the end.
The following screen appears, the mouse will not mess up, do strict accordance with the requirements of the screen,car idling, until hear the cooling fan start up, go to the upper right of the screen to "Confirm" icon; otherwise , skip the initialization process, and nineteen step above full to waste, have to start over

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