Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FCAR F3-G Universal diesel to gasoline car computer fault diagnostic (enhanced version)

Fcar F3-G automotive fault computer diagnostic Fcar Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. launched a multi-functional diesel fuel General Motors fault computer diagnostic.
Fcar F3-G is suitable for large and small businesses, training institutions, automobile manufacturers, repair stations, diesel engine manufacturers, mining machinery, petrochemical energy-based enterprises.
Fcar F3-G
     The instrument uses advanced modular design to be quickly and easily on the domestic, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, including a variety of gasoline and diesel power systems for diagnosis and learning, the test vehicle is the world's most comprehensive and test systems automotive fault diagnostic computer. Multi-language platform to meet different customer needs.
     Products with integrated structural design, implementation 12v, 24v power automatic transfer. Single-wire mode of operation and the large touch-screen display operation. Multi-state mode setting functions to meet work requirements under different circumstances. The use of flexible drive technology F3-G car fault diagnostic computer has good scalability to meet current automotive electronic control systems of various communication bus testing.
The global mainstream cars in various models to test the system on a variety of models of some systems to achieve the original detection function test results. Built-in high-speed, low-speed CAN-BUS, a connector can be measured all the CAN-BUS vehicles. Fully supports all OBD-II protocols

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