Friday, November 15, 2013

Newest X-PROG Box V5.48 ECU Programmer

The ECU Chip Tuning Newest X-PROG Box V5.48 ECU Programmer is now selling on, when you use the tool,please note that :
1. Please Use Our CD Software In The Package Only !!! If you use other version software (lower or higher) or try to update the software or hardware, the hardware will be damaged, and lose its warranty.
2. Supported Language: English Only
3. System Requirements:
Processor: INTEL Pentium 60MHz or faster (depends on operating system)
Memory (RAM): 64MB (depends on operating system)
Hard drive: 20MB free space
Communication: One free physical COM or USB port
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP
X-PROG Box V5.48 ECU Programmer
our product Newest X-PROG Box V5.48 ECU Programmer now price only $294.99,feel free to contact us,and you should attention that:
1. Close all of the computer anti-software. If not, X-prog software may be killed.
2. Disconnect the internet. If not, the internet may damage the hardware.
3. Uninstall all the old xprog-m, or xprog box software, make sure that your PC only install our software for our xprog-box 5.48, our xprog-box hardware cannot work with other lower or higher software. If not, the hardware will be damaged, and will lose its warranty. .
4. Never try to UPDATE, the hardware will be damaged if you want to try to upgrade it online, without any warranty.
5. We cannot refund, cannot exchange, can not repair if you do not listen to those advices. It means that you accept those conditions if you have ordered our xprog-box
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