Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Before You Use The Autel Maxivideo MV208

The Autel Maxivideo MV208 is an excellent digital videoscope which is always used to examine the difficult-to-reach areas.For using the Autel Maxivideo MV208 better and for reducing the risk of serious personnel injury,also for preventing the tool damage, before you use the tool,you'd better read this article,remember what we mentioned here and follow these points.

First,you should remember to check the power and then go on other inspections.To prevent the Autel Maxivideo MV208 slipping from your hands when you hold it,please clean the oil,grease or dirt from the tool,especially pay attention to the buttons and ports.
Then you need to check the cable and the connections.Please check carefully,make sure all the cables are not cracked or damaged,because a damaged cable won't be waterproof,and it may make the water penetrating the Autel Maxivideo MV208 and increase the risk of electric shock.Then check the connections between the display unit and the imager head and cable are tight enough.Also for making sure the cable can be waterproof,so you have to check the connections and be sure they are assembled properly.
Next what you need to check is the warning label,make sure the warning label is firmly attached and is readable.
Then iIf you find that condensation forms inside the imager head ,be sure not to use it until the water evaporate,or it may damage the Autel Maxivideo MV208.

After all these inspections,you can turn on the power of the Autel Maxivideo MV208 and use it.If the tool doesn't work well,you should check the tool by a qualified technician.

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