Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How To Use The "EEPROM" Menu Of The Digiprog III

When you enter the main screen of your digiprog III,you will find an "EEPROM" menu from the main menu.Actually,on some vehicles you can see an eight pin Eeprom chip which is always used to store the vehicle data and these chips grasp vital information from the vehicle such as ignition and immobilizer codes.Once you lose those data,it may cause anything from minor fault to major faults and even make you have to repair your machine,so it is very important to use the "EEPROM " menu to read and save the original information.

Using the "EEPROM " menu to read and save the original information is very simple.The Eeprom chip would have a number on the top of itself and usually it will be "93C46",you can connect it to your digiprog III via adaptor ST1 or ST4.Then you should tell your digiprog III which chip your are working on before you use it to read.
Choose the "EEPROM" menu, select the "SET TYPE" and choose "93C46",then your digiprog has been set up to read a 93C46 chip.Press "EEPROM" again and then "READ".There will show you the information on the digiprog III screen when the reading is complete.Now press "VERIFY" so the information on your screen can agree with the Eeprom.
Next click the "FILE" and there will show you another sub-menu,you can click "SAVE" and enter a file name for the information you are saving.Once you entered the file name,your data is safe and the vehicle is now ready to be reprogrammed.

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