Monday, April 14, 2014

Use The Autel Maxiservice VAG505 To Do The Oil Reset

"Oil Reset" is one of the Autel Maxiservice VAG505's common functions.You always need to reset the engine oil life to 100% after every oil change and you have to reset the oil before you reset the service indicators,or it may cause incorrect service values and the DTCs would be stored by the relevant control module.
The first thing you need to do is to turn on the ignition but without starting the engine.In the menu of "Select Mode" on the tool's screen,you can find the "Oil Reset" and click it to enter.After you get into the "Oil Reset",you can see there has two options,one is "Manual Reset" and another is "Auto Reset".You can choose one of the two ways to fo the reset service.

If you choose the first option--"Manual Reset",you can select the options you want to have for your vehicle when there appears screens to go on your operation.After you enter the vehicle information,there will show a screen of "1.Select Press Reset At Oil Change from the setup control for the current display mode.2. Press Reset Control to reset Oil change.",click "OK" to continue the manual reset.
Also you can choose the "Auto Reset" in most conditions.Now most VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles being OBDII compliant can be reset automatically.And in this menu,you also has teo choices,one is "SRI Reset",another is "Adaptation".The "SRI Reset" is used to reset the Service Reminder in vehicles so equipped.It will access the Instrument Cluster and retrieve current values stored in the Cluster.And it simplifies service reset process and turns off the reminder message or indication in the instrument cluster or on the screen display,the Autel Maxiservice VAG505 can help you enter the new values.As for the "Adaptation",it can give a overview of ALL SRI-relevant Adaptation channels.You can review or enter new values for each individual item.

You can choose the way you like to do the oil reset and no matter which one you choose,just follow the instruction and select the option that you need.After you finish the process,remember to turn the ignition off and on again to set vehicle data in ECU.

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