Monday, April 7, 2014

How To Use The ELM327

The ELM327 is belong to the category of vehicle code reader,and its main functions are reading diagnostic trouble codes,clearing trouble codes and reading the current sensor data and displaying the data.But how to use the ELM327?

First,you should connect the 16 pin connector of the ELM327 with the 16 pin connector of your vehicle and then connect the USB interface of it into the computer.Next what you need to do is to insert the CD into the computer and start to install the software.After the installation,there will appear an icon of ScanTool.
Now turn the engine of the vehicle on and start the vehicle's power,when the light shinning,then it means the connection is succeed.
After that,click "my computer" and choose the "characteristic" by clicking the right button of the mouse to start the set of characteristic.
On the "hardware" ,you can choose "Device Manager" to set the comport.Click the right button of the mouse at the "USB Serial por",after select the "characteristic" then select "comport set up" and next select "baud rate to 9600".During the comport set up,choose "advance" and you can choose anyone of comport 1 to comport 8,then enter to complete the set up.
Now you can go back to the desktop and double click the icon of "Scan Tool" , and when the program is running,you can select "Sensor Data" .When there appear a window "COM Port could not be opened,Please check that port settings are correct and that no other application is using it." ,just click "Ignore". When there gives you options to choose,just choose the same comport as previous setting and save it.After all these procedure,you can read the data.

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