Wednesday, March 26, 2014

AD900 Pro Key Programmer

The AD900 is an excellent professional key programmer,it can identify,read out and copy transponder,it can also write the transponder codes.Here let's know more details about this tool.
On the main menu diapaly,there are six options,they are "Identify","Write code","Copy","Special","Setup" and "Test".

First is the "Identify",it can determine all the things about the transponders that are used in automobile sector,such as transponder logics,transponder types and eeprom logics,the brands of vechiles.
The "Write code" function is used to write the fixed transponder codes.You can choose the transponder type that you want to write to,and then write down the codes and press the button of "Enter".
Then the section of "Copy" which is used to copy the transponder if there is a transponder can be copied.
The fourth section "Special" is also another menu.This menu includes the information that has never seen before and all these special features make this tool unique.The features in this menu can be improved while the immobilizer systems are developing.In this menu,there are "Random Code","Ren 33 pin","Hyundai Kia Pin","Eeprom" and "Unlock 48".
1.Random Code can produce codes for constant coded transponders and show the codes that you have to write to vehicles memory from the produced codes.
2.Ren 33 Pin will calculate pin-codes for the ID 33 Renault vehicle's transponders.This code can identify the vehicle to the second remote control by a diagnostic device and can determine if the vehicle belong to a transponder or not.
3.The system of "Hyundai Kia Pin" solved the problem of Hyundai and Kia.The pin code will be calculated when the last six number of chassis is entered to the system.
4.The "EEPROM" can help you produce the transponder that belongs to the vehicle.Even the vehicle has no key,it can also work.
5.The "Unlock 48"is used to unlock the 48 Megamos Crypto transponders which are locked when identified to a new generation vehicle.

The fifth is "SETUP".You can see the version and the serial number of the AD900 and you can select the language that you want while you use this tool.Besides,if it has a new version,you can update your AD900 in "SETUP".
The sixth and also the last one is "TEST".It is used to test the key that if there has a transponder or not.

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