Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Precautions When You Handle The Intelligent Tester

When you using the intelligent tester and its accessories,please must remember and do follow the following points I will mention here.

If you update the software of your intelligent tester,all the setting parameters would change ,using the tool option function can be reset to their factory settings.If you want,you can go back and change the settings manually.
Don't let the intelligent tester or its accessories exposed under the direct sunlight for a long period of time, and try to avoid using it in high-temperature places.If you put it in low-temperature locations,the display response may be slow,but don't worry,it is caused by the characteristics of the LCD display,so it is a normal thing.Besides,don't use the tool in somewhere with high humidity,or the display back light would deteriorate and the brightness would be decreased,so remember to use and store the intelligent tester and its accessories in the place with low humidity.
After using the intelligent tester,if you wanna clean it and its accessories,don't use paint thinner or any other solvent or volatile oil product,or it could cause deformation,discoloration and some other problems such as loss of function.When you wipe it,please be gently with a soft cloth dipped in a diluted neutral detergent.
If you have a long time didn't use the intelligent tester,then the clock may be inaccurate or even stop working,then you need to reset the clock and it will be ok.And if the internal battery remains completely drained for a prolonged time,the service life of the battery would be shorten,so remember to charge the interal battery at least once a month even you are not going to use the tool.
If you wanna propose your intelligent tester and its accessories,please ask the waste processing company for help to handle the tool seperate to ordinary non-burnable material.Because the they contain electronic parts instakked using solder that includes lead,and the lead would damage the environment.
And you should also ask the company to propose the different plastics.The plastic case of it is made of polycarbonate,ABS and acrylic.except the clear panel,the plastic parts have materials abbreviations stamped inside and these compound plastic products can be recycled.
Besides,you need to dispose the used internal batteries follow the regulations of your nation and region.

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