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The M35080V6 Programmer was designed for on-board and ISP (in-circuit programming) modes via PC control operation for reading all EEPROM data, incremental area EEPROM writing, EEPROM writing, erasing data to delivery status of M35080V6 SPI EEPROM memory with incremental registers area.

The M35080V6 Programmer can read,program and erase incremental RegistersEEPROM and also can erase time to Delivery State for M35080V6 1-10 minutes;It upports all clock rates 2.5, 5.0 and 6 MHz IC's;In-circuit/On-board EEPROM programming and On-board EEPROM programming for M35080V6 are also supported.The onboard processor ATmega16 allow Firmware to update to new versions.
It has the Self-Check capabilities,and owns 4 adaptors for SO8 device.
In this article,we are focusing on how to install and use the M35080V6 Programmer.Pls follow these steps:
First,install M35080V6 control software. Insert the supplied ETL CD-ROM into a CD drive and navigate to "Install Software" > "Install M35080V6 Prog.", then execute the "Setup.exe" file; this will guide you through the setup process.
(Attention1: M35080V6 software, version 4.0 or later version is required new M35080V6 (rev 4.0) hardware only. Never use version 4.0 to communicate old hardware .)
Second,connect M35080V6 Programmer to the power supply source (12-14 V >=500 mA).
Third,attach M35080V6 Programmer to your computer. Use the 9-pin RS232C cable that is shipped with the M35080V6 Programmer.
Before connecting programmer in ISP mode or inserting target device M35080, make sure that the programmer and a target board are not powered and ISP jumper mounted to ISP position.
(Attention2: M35080V6 can not be ERASED in ISP mode. To erase M35080V6,device must be inserted to the M35080V6 socket. )
(Attention3: Only one mode (on-board or ISP) can be used during operating at a time. )
(Attention4: Don't use at the same time programmer with inserted M35080 or M35080V6 IC in the target socket and ISP mode. When you using ISP mode, make sure that target sockets is empty;When you using target socket make sure that ISP interface not connected and second one socket is empty. )

Fourth,insert M35080/M35080V6 device into a target socket or connect ISP interface cable.

Fifth,now you can start the M35080V6 control software. But remember don't run control software until power supply dose not applied to M35080V6 programmer.

Sixth,turn on the power switch. LED 1 must appear to the Green color telling that power is present and M35080V6 Programmer ready to operate.
Related Download PDF and software:
M35080V6 User Manual.pdf

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