Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some Tips Of Using The Autel Maxidas DS708 To Do The Quickly Troubleshooting

The Autel Maxidas DS708 is an excellent vehicle diagnostic tool.Some users want to use this tool to perform the troubleshooting.So here I wanna share some tips of using DS708 to do the quick troubleshooting.

First,you need to check the external adapters,if there is an on/off switch,you should make sure that the adapter of your network router is turned "on" and also check the LED indicators to
ensure that the tool is functional.
The SSID and WEP key information that you have entered are case sensitive,so you should check with someone in the establishment to see whether the SSID has been changed or not if you had got the information of SSID from the internet.
Next,you need to restart your network router and check all the cables, connections and indicators to ensure the signal is being received and dispersed in an appropriate manner.
For connecting to wifi network successfully,you have to ensure that there has no signal interference,yet the Microwave ovens, cordless telephones and some medical or scientific instruments may interfere it,so try to move them away or do this procedure in a place where won't get the signal interference.Then you should select the right authentication type according to the router settings of your Wi-Fi local network.
You need to pay attention to your steps while you are performing the configuration,because one of the common reason of incorrect configuration is user's error.If you can remember and follow these,you must do the troubleshooting better.

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