Sunday, March 16, 2014

How To Program Keys with Vagtacho USB 4.0

1.Switch ON ignition with any key no mater new or old.
Start software, choose "VDO NEW - CAN bus",and then press "Connect Selected ECU" button, after 5 seconds the data of the dash will show on screen.
Press "Program New Key", software will read data from the dash and after few seconds a new window will be opened.
See the picture below. ID numbers of the transponders which are stored into memory will be shown.
step 1
2.This is the TMPro module#146 window. Insert transponder key with new Megamos ID48 chip and program it.
3.Press "Add Key" and there will show a message. Switch ON ignition with key which you want to program! Vagtacho will check the key if the key is new or old.New means it's already programmed with TM Pro; Old means the key has been used with the same car. If this key is already programmed to the car or it is from another car, Vagtacho will show warning message on screen and won't program this key!
4.If everything is ok, Vagtacho will add the new key into the data of immobilizer and will show new key's ID number on screen. See the red mark on the picture. Now you can program the new transponder key into the immobilizer. Press "Write Keys" to finish the procedure .
5.Press "Write Keys" and the warning window will open. If you are sure that everything is all right, press"Continue", otherwise press "Cancel",then the data won't be written into immobiliser. After pressing "Continue",Vagtacho will write the data into immobiliser after few seconds. The dash will be reset, and the programming procedure will be completed.
This is the last step, after this the new data will be written into immobiliser! If you have marked and erased some keys, they won't work anymore!
6.This picture shows the final Vagtacho window. If you have switched ON ignition with key which is already programmed by TMPro, the warning lamp of immobiliser on the dash will be turned off. The new key is already stored into immobiliser and you can start engine.
7.If the warning lamp is still flashing, there is something wrong in the procedure, you can check the transponder key.Switch ON ignition with the key which you want to test! Start software, choose "VDO NEW - CAN bus", and press"Transponder Check". Vagtacho USB 4.0 will connects immobiliser.

8.Press "Read ECU Info" button,wait about 10 seconds,the information about this transponder key will be displayed on screen.You can press "Read ECU Info" to testing of transponder key again. This procedure is optional, and is not required when programming the new keys.
step 8
Note:During the whole programming procedure,all parameters must be set "Yes".

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